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Passion Worlds hack cheat code List

gold coins - use gl7rXoYGd
off ads - hGT8O8WiA
secret combination - Kll5FRqlv
creativity - L3Av6dn9p
double rewards - RWOaxKuwV
red crystals - UPNdcwe8r
tenacity - b4bVR7wJI
intellect - YFib1DQfG
increase personality - nXUO31Q89
admin panel - 3KRz0dkJu
gems - Fwe8GJh3V
items - use vmo7eZkm5
energy - Xxv05ohgR
unlimited moves - wnnAn8JAC

Passion Worlds use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Your task is to score the required number of points for 20 moves or less. Points are rewarded for destroying crystals. This scale shows how many points you need to get to complete the level. Performance are rewarded for destroying lips and it multiplies all points earned. This scale shows how many lips you need to destroy to reach the next multiplier. You need to connect together as many a=one color crystals as you can. I'm indifferent to this color- for these crystals you earn 10 points. Performance crystals in the form of lips increase all the earned points - better always to destroy them at first place.

Passion Worlds Hack Basics trucos

Welcome to passion worlds! let's check out Earth girls on the map. When you unlock a new girl, you get the opportunity to flirt with her! As you progress the game, you will travel along the worlds visiting all kinds of places. If you want to succeed in your adventures - you need to work hard on your skills. For a start pump your creativity - this will double the points you get for red crystals with all the girls. You're the man! Let's pass the level with an improved skill?

enter cheat (Passion Worlds gift codes):
upgrade trucos - rmanFujsC
level up - 3Ge4jqlfM
daily pack - enter pass 3KDH8CrmT
admin account - KzNGolthr
Month Card x1 - tD88BIwue
booster pack - boFTlCKpW
evolve - mZmXowpjg
enhance - qDjTTG7bE
Let's visit the next girl! Her homeworld is a different real,. Lucky for us, you can change the worlds easily. In order to flirt with a girl - find her icon on the map and tap on her. Remember to check out the girls in other worlds too. You can take with you on the flirt as much of different bonuses as you want - they really help. Destroying 6 -8 crystals at a time creates a powerful crystal that destroys the entire vertical row.

Passion Worlds Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Destroying 9-11 crystals at a time creates super crystal that destroys a vertical row and diagonal rows.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold coins, off ads, creativity, red crystals, tenacity, intellect, increase personality, gems, items, energy, unlimited moves
3. Info - here you can see facts about the girl. Talk with her to open them.
4. Boost creativity and you'll double points for red crystals on levels
5. Presents increase amount of coins you get from levels and talks with this specific girls. If you are a little short of coins - talking to girls can help you earn some coins.
6. Yellow crystal appears randomly and gives 1 extra move. Destroy it with the power crystal or bring it to the bottom of the field.

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