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Mountain of Coins - use hack KMNJRyVBX
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Month Card x1 - CS2MDhnKL
upgrade - OBx5mPi3O
daily gift bag x10 - zpw395wzk
secret combination code - bcFpnXB9O
pets - TZE6IvBj5
unlimited moves - WTCBmCtLZ
weekly box - 9BsMclJI7

Penny & Flo Finding Home use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Quest menu - whenever a new tasks is available, it will be shown here. Tap the notification to check out your new task. Penny's scrapbook - here you can view and complete the current tasks. Play levels and earn stars to complete the tasks! You can even play a level by tapping the task itself here. Go ahead! Beat levels to earn more stars.

Penny & Flo Finding Home Hack Basics

Match two or more tiles of the same color to clear them. You can access Penny's scrapbook at any time by pressing button. Go there to complete the current task. Notice that you only have 30 moves to complete level. Match five ro seven tiles with Penny to create a rocket. Tap the rocket to launch it. Bomb - tap it to clear a big chunk of tiles. Reach the goals to complete the level.

Hint & Tips

1. Match ten tiles or more to create a magic flask. It removes all tiles on the board of that exact color.
2. Use cheat code, and give: Mountain of Coins, stars, unlock chapter, premium furniture, pets, booster pack, unlimited moves
3. You can tap connected power pieces to combine their powers.
4. Make matches next to the paper scraps to clear them.
5. Match six tiles or more with FLO to create a paper plane. Firing paper plane helps you to collect goals. Matching eight or nine tiles with FLO creates a powerful cross rocket. The cross rocket is as powerful as two rocket combined.

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