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People And The City Game story

The city just started. I believe you will soon make it the best city. I will do my best to help you, Mayor. There's a lot of work to do, so let's get started right away. Many people are waiting to move to this city, as they heard the news of the new mayor. So we must be prepared for the new residenst. Let's get started with building roads, first. Building cannot function without roads connected, so roads must be build beforehand. When you select a built road, you can remove it. Now that the roads are connected, let's move on to building residence. You may immediately complete your construction if you use some Rubies. Build a decorative building near your residence to make your residential environment better. If you build a decorative building near a residence, you can receive a residential tax boost. That looks much better. Mayor, it's time to collect taxes from the residence. Collect taxes from residences for municipal finance. Collect money by dragging.

People And The City Hack Basics trucos

When you collect taxes from residences, you can get a residence upgrade item. Now that you have obtained the item, upgrade your residence. You may immediately complete your upgrade if you use some Rubies. When more residences are upgraded, the population will increase and more taxes can be collected. I've explained to you the basics of running a city. But this is not all. I also have to explain about the industry... I'll explain to you in your next quests. I'll be back in a while.

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Mayor, did you know taht we don't have a decent bakery in this city? Fortunately, Laura is renowned for her baking skills. Laura's dream is to open her own bakery so you should meet her. First Industry of the City "Introduced to Laura." Get Celeb Laure to move in. Collect residential tax 3 times. Own City House 2 residences. Mayor, there are very important people in this city. They are called Celebs. This is a place where you can check various information about Celebs and do activities. First of all, shall we let the Celebs move in? Select House, Move Celeb into the House. Laura - The bread recipe from grandmother was already famous throughout the city. She was interested everything related to bread. Group Coffee and Donut. Coffee Shop Profit +15%. A group must be in the same residence.

People And The City Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Info - Here you can find information about Celebs, groups, and boost effects.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter People And The City cheat code - give: money, speed up, rubies, happiness, luck, funds, population, management points, house, public, tourist facility, decorate
3. Oh my, there is nothing our Celeb can do now. This is Laura's activity range. There's nothing around Laura. Various activities are essential for Laura to grow up. If there were stores or public facilities around, Laura might be able to do a variety of activities.
4. When Celebs grow up, they lead to the development of our city, so please help them grow well. Oh, by the way, please check when your Celeb's activities are over. Activity rewards allow you to see the growth of your Celebs.
5. We need a stable supply of quality materials to make lots of bread but there is no grain factory in this city yet.
6. You need a grain factory where you can get the ingredients. Mayor, we should build a grain factory first. We would be able to supply various foods aside from bread. Let's take a look at the construction site.
7. We have to open the bakery near residences. More people will come to the bakery if there are a lot of residences in the nearby area.

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