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Game story

Welcome! Animals that need your help are brought to our park. Look, there's our first visitor. Tap on the car and pick him up. We'll start by fitting out the enclosure. Drag the feeding bowl to the correct place. Now place the water bowl. Wild animals need a place of refuge as they are often quite shy. So pull the pen into the enclosure. To get an idea of the condition of the animal, tap on the clipboard. Here you will find out information such as how much the animal weights.

WildLife America Land Hack Basics trucos

Now tap on the apple in the inventory to switch to the feeding area. This squirrel is far too light for its size and needs to put on some weight. So give it a large portion of food. Drag three portions into its bowl. Check the squirrel's weight again. It is now back in the green zone. Now give the animal some water. To keep the enclosures clean, they need fresh straw daily.

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Look again at the clipboard so that we can see what our guest actually needs. Oh, its coat is dirty. Clean it using the sponge from the treatment inventory. Check the clipboard again. The squirrel now has everything it needs. Other treatments, however, could take several days. It's really great that you looked after your first animal so well. Tap on the trophy and collect your reward.

WildLife America Land Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can also spoil the squirrel with treats from the feeding inventory. How about a tasty pine cone? But don't go crazy! If you give him another pine cone, you'll see that the positive effect is less.
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3. We should buy the squirrel a tunnel so that he has plenty to keep him occupied. Tap on the shopping cart. Then drag the tunnel from the equipment inventory into the enclosure.

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