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Game story

Your character's attributes, skills, class, race, culture, and sex may all open up options for you in dialogue. These options are not necessarily superior to the other responses, but give you a wider variety of choices to select from. The manner in which someone responds to your choices depends on their individual personality and attitude. If this is your first visit to the world of Eora, you may want to watch these windows to become familiar with the tools and interfaces available to you. Your party always consists of your character and up to five additional companions or adventurers. While the caravan is camped outside the Glanfathan ruins. Odema has assigned Calisca to help you. Calisca is a fighter, a class that excels at close quarters defense. Use her abilities to complement your own. Exploration is key in Pillars of Eternity. As you make your way through the Eastern reach, open the area map to see what parts of the map you've already been to and what's left to explore.

Pillars of Eternity Hack Basics

Pillars of Eternity combat uses a pauseable real time system. Because you will often manage more than one character at a time, it's a good idea to pause the game, issue orders, and resume real time to see the orders play out. The options menu also contains many choices for automatic pausing when certain conditions are met. One of your characters has been engaged in melee. When characters are engaged, they immediately stop moving. IF they move again, they will provoke a disengagement attack from the enemies engaging them. Your characters will also automatically engage enemies when they initiate attacks against them with melee. As you receive quests, your journal will update with relevant information. If you ever get stuck, open it up to review your notes. Most people you encounter in the world are neutral or friendly. You can interact with them by clicking on their selection circle. Many characters will simply greet you and go on their way, but others will have larger conversations to explore. The merchant, Heodan, has a conversation that opens a store with equipment for sale.

Hint & Tips

1. Use the tab key to highlight interactive objects in the environment.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: artifact, rune, increase stats, legendary heroes, premium equipment, treasure chest, gold, gems, crystal, level up, upgrade, evolve, craft materials, pet, mount
3. When a party member takes damage, they will start to lose Endurance and health. Their portrait will begin to fill with a red overlay and the health bar to the left of their portrait will slowly start to decrease. When the portrait fills entirely red, the character will be knocked out, potions and spells can be used to restore endurance to keep characters in the fight.
4. Sometimes, a weapon or spells simply isn't well suited to penetrating an enemy's damage reduction. When the attack hits, the DR will wipe out all but a small percentage of the incoming damage. You'll hear your characters complain about it when it happens. Take heed, not the damage type that's being blocked, and switch to a weapon of spell.

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