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gold - use i7Tr7w8wB
fragment - RbvBN0n2Y
starter pack - ddXMb5OKl
off ads - DExAaKE1p
premium ship - eYFCEQoxD
limited pack - cxTy3PCfm
exclusive cannons - 998xk0zLL
speed up - Hyn57lsxV
treasure chest - DramyN9fY
shield - 87BX77AMG
admin panel - 61Zf6S4h3
artifact - chAJ9IxQ9
crystals - ZCNQhqjI0
blueprints - Qow6UbpbX

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to Tortuga! That's a nice ship you've got! You could earn some good money completing with other captains. Don't miss your chance. Defeat megabosses to get mythical ships. Before a battle, you can check the enemy's power bards for every combat range to predict the outcome. There are three ranges for ship-to=ship combat. Different cannons are efficient at different ranges. The primary battle distance depends on the ship with the highest speed. A culverin is most efficient at medium ranges. At long and short ranges, a distance penalty is applied. The armored culverin absorbs some incoming damage. Each skirmish victory earns you raning points. The higher your rank, the stronger your enemies will be.

Pirate Arena Hack Basics trucos

New items can be crafted at the forge at any time if you have the appropriate blueprint. The long range bombar causes an explosion with every hit, dealing damage to adjacent cannons. Now install new bombards onto your ship. Combine identical glyphs on cannons to get an artifact slot. Ships and cannons differ in durability. A ship will sink if it loses either all of its durability, or its last cannon. The bombard unleashes its full power at long range, deals less damage at medium range, and ceases shooting at close range. As you gain levels, you can obtain better quality items from rewards and at the forge. Each pirate has special missions.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - HIPj9tiu6
level up - ohCuYu7YK
daily pack - enter pass NDwkmgs4i
admin account - nQRGnBdTA
Month Card x1 - d4EAOMwaE
booster pack - LM35QkZvX
evolve - GnqVFBQfM
enhance - rwsbPDsbh
Remember to check the mission list every once in a while. Missions are completed one by one. You receive great rewards for each mission you complete. All ships differ in their durability, and gun slot configuration. To switch ships, drag the new one on top of the old one from your inventory. The organ gun's durability enables it to hold its own against powerful cannons. The organ gun reloads quickly, but you can speed it up even more. First, alight three cannons in a row. When two of the same kind of cannon are side by side, they take less time to reload. A little trick for equipment efficiency. An organ gun can shoot no farther than at medium ranges but only short ranges bring out the best in it.

Pirate Arena Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If a cannon is not in its optimum range, there's a penalty on its attack damage.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, fragment, premium ship, exclusive cannons, speed up, treasure chest, shield, artifact, crystals, blueprints
3. New equipment cna be obtained from chests or crafted at the forge. Chests always have tricky locks, which take a long time to open.
4. The higher a ship's durability, the longer it takes to sink it.
5. The magnetic saw deals the most damage when ramming.
6. The cyclops becomes more powerful with every hit taken.
7. If your items are obsolete, you can dismantle them, to get a small amount of gold. Craft new cannons to keep your firepower up to par with your level. A cannon's level determines how powerful it is. Combining identical glyphs will give you an extra artifact slot. Artifact affects various parameters of the ships and cannons.

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