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Pirate Factions Game story

The old world is now completely submerged. The Eternal Storm has devoured everything in its path, only those who managed to shelter up on the mountain tops and some lucky seamen survived. When the dark clouds devoured the sun even those without any religious beliefs knew that it was the doomsday that came, but only a few of us were prepared. Rain and floods that lasted for days depleted the cities. The ones at the every bottom, were the ones with the worst luck. Most coastal towns had disappeared from the start. The lands we used to know as mountains far, far away now became tiny islands that we need to try and survive on. We lost every last house, stone and brick. Every statues, garden and city... We will living on these islands and rebuilding our cities until the oceans recede. And we will always remember those lost to the flood..

Hey Captain, I'm glad you joined us. Tensions are high and we need all the help we can get right now. This is the Free City of Edos, you can find all you need for a good fight here. Crew members, gears, ship parts...Go ahead and discover our city! You can embark on an adventure whenever you are ready! KRAKEN will be glad to see you join their ranks! You can connect your account to keep it safe if you want to. You can equip a different weapon to change your captains attack style later. Choose a Crewmate. Every captain should have a trusty right hand. You can hire new sailors for your crew later on. Let your crew notify you when they find some treasure with push notifications. Did you know? Orb of Wind is a very common item of magic, able to slightly alter the weather around.

Pirate Factions Hack Basics trucos

Upgrade your ship and overview current tasks. You can upgrade your ship parts here to get bonus properties for adventures and fights. Upgrading your ship takes a lot of time, but having a better ship will make things easier for you in these waters. These are the North West Islands, this is all there is left after The Flood. Our enemies needed to be reminded who owns the ocean. I expect you to start sailing to these islands and fight against the enemy ships you come across, for riches, for glory! Manage your fighter crew, give them tasks and get them better.

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We will match you with 6 other Captains, best them all to get the highest reward. Losing one match will eliminate you! Every action of your captain costs Energy. Captains start the fight with 3 Energy out of maximum 10 Energy. Every player has an Attack, Defense, Powerful Attack and two Spells. Best captains always keep their treasures organized. Check your loot, equip, upgrade or sell your items. Your chests are here too, waiting for you to open them! Every sailor and captain has combat stats. Also your equipped items provide bonus stats for yer Cap'n! Stats: Hit Points - Maximum amount of damage the sailor can absorb. Melee Attack - Total base damage that a sailor can deal. Sailor will use this stat if it's higher than their Melee Attack. Critical Chance % - Chance of a successful attack to cause a Critical Attack. Critical Attack % - Damage multiplier of a successful Critical Attack, based on sailor's chosen attack style. Melee Defense - Reduces incoming Melee damage. Ranged Defense - Reduces incoming Ranged damage. Dodge Chance % - Chance to dodge or block an attack.

Pirate Factions Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Strong captain means strong crew, and ultimately a strong faction. Decide the tasks you need to do, distribute your stat points and manage your equipment here.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Pirate Factions cheat code - give: coins, loot bag, unlimited energy, gems, skip, increase stats, ticket, rare scroll, scrap, premium chest, starter pack, offline reward, legendary ship, equipment
3. Quarters - Manage your guild and your guild events.
4. Bank - Get your daily premium reward and purchase gems. Bank of Edos is a neutral establishment which serves both factions. You can get your daily rewards and lordship seal or buy Gems to use in game. Get Lordship Seal - Unlock daily premium rewards in the bank.
5. Library - Read your collected lore bottles and check out the best captains.
6. Market - Get the best deals Edos has to offer. Marketplace is one of the most colorful places in Edos. You can trade daily offered goods and items and buy chests.
7. Statue - Manage your law stones and faction relations.
8. Tavern - Hire new mateys and play games.
9. Show your sailor skills by catching the most rare fish. Get Coin and Gem rewards based on the rarity of the fish you catch. Fishing is a minigame that your captain can play. When a fish appears, try to stop the hook inside the blue zone to gain a point. Center of the zone provides 2 points. You get 5 baits for an Orange and gain rewards based on the fish you caught.

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