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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Oh no! This is Kraken! All to the guns! Use the skill cards at the bottom of the screen to attacks. Run for your life. we were thrown onto some island. It looks like we were stuck here for a while. Let's clean it up, tap on the bushes to renove them. We have some resources. Let's build a lighthouse so we can always find our island and be able to explore the surroundings. Upgrade lighthouse - gathers rumors and produces maps of adventure. Here you can get a new mission. We cannot sail anywhere without a ship. Let's build it. Click on the shipyard button to see the available ships to build. For now, we can only build this ship. Click the button to start the construction. See all available ships, by collecting resources you can build them all. Our resources are no longer enough for anything. We have to go on a new journey. The lighthouse keeper collects rumors and make adventure maps.

Pirate's Destiny Hack Basics trucos

Take the adventure map and it will be available in the travel window. Later we can go in search of the Kraken, but first we need to collect resources. You can have many missions. visit the lighthouse keeper if you are out of missions. We need to look for shipwrecks and lost cargo. Follow navigation pointers, and you'll find your goal.
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Your team needs rum to travel, rum spents when the ship is moving. If rum is over, you'll have to return to the island, keep an eye on the quantity here. Many different debris and cargo from sunken ships floats in the sea. You can often find useful resources in them. Energy will accumulate during battle. You can spend it to use skill cards. After battle your team has gained experience and got a reward. Once the pirate experience, you can level up it.

Pirate's Destiny Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. A captain needs a team. Build a tavern to hire new pirates and manage your team. Tavern also produces rum. Buildings require resources to build. They can be obtained from mining buildings, battles and missions.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, resource, speed up, rum, coins, soul stone, crates, weapons, cards, component,s premium ship, artifact, skill poins
3. We can improve our ship. To do this, you need to go to the shipyard. In the shipyard, you can change hulls, install sails, guns, pirates and equipment. To install an item on the ship, drag it to the desired slot. DOn't forget to check and improve the ship's equipment. This way the ship will always be heady for battle.
4. Artifact - they are needed for upgrading pirates and improving characteristics. Each hero has his own se of artifacts. Artifact cannot be removed and transferred to others. We will find many more items in the future. Unnecessary ones can be sold or exchange in the market.

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