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Pirates & Puzzles use cheats
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Game story

Welcome aboard! Ready for a briefind on the basics of the game? Your goal is to sink your opponent's ships by matching as many pieces in a row as possible within the time limit. Some pieces provide attack, while others give defense. Each round, one of the pieces becomes a super piece, which gives both attack and defense. A combo is when you match pieces while other ones are falling. This gives you bonus points. You got attack and defense points in 30 seconds. Now you can fight an opponent. A battle is coming. Your attack first hits your opponent's defense and then their health.

Pirates & Puzzles Hack Basics

The enemy is still alive and used a parrot against us. This piece prevents us from collecting points! IT can be removed with the Cage booster. The brush can help to deal with the octopus - colors the field black. Reshuffle replaces all pieces on the field. Hint shows all available moves. Wins in real battles earn you cups and EXP. THe more cups you earn, the higher the rank and rewards. By the way! Ship - this is where you can increase the combat power of your ship or build a new one. If the upgrade fail,s the ship's level may decrease. Now you going to play with real players and collect pieces as fast as you can. While you get used to the field, we will hint moves to you every second for the 20 games.

Hint & Tips

1. The season lasts a calendar month. Earn season points for completing daily quests and get unique prizes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: sea pass premium, epic skin, iron, gold, season points, wood, cloth, tome, pack cutter, golden chest
3. Whoever has the most HP left after three rounds wins. Opponents are selected based on your rank.
4. The higher the ship class, the lower the chance of getting its blueprints. Ships become available when a player reaches a certain level.

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Pirates & Puzzles Redeem code - premium gift box

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