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Pitch Clash use cheats
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Game story

Attacking - they say that offense is the bes defense. Try playing a card of an offensive position to attack your opponent's goal. Area of the pitch is now 'dominated' giving any of your player cards in the area a boost. Bar shows which team controlled which areas of the pitch by percentage. Observation phase - in this phase, you'll watch your decisions play out on the pitch. Your squad will play close to the areas you have dominated. Defending - let's get the ball back to your team. Try using a dender card. Each card has an energy cost. As long as you have enough energy, you cna play as many cards as you like. Try using up all your energy by playing multiple cards.

Pitch Clash Hack Basics trucos

Once both users have finished playing cards, the action plays out on the pitch. Tactics are advanced manoeuvres triggered by comboing certain cards in the action phase. Use them to increase the level of control you have over different areas of the pitch.Now choose 2 cards tagged with red icon to activate the 'possession game' tactic. Now you're all set for a real match. Keep in mind that actual matches have time limits. Create your team - choose a model team you'd like your team's strip and emblem to be based on. This can be changed later.

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Check out your starting cards to see which players you have access to right now. Now let's try out your team. Quick match is a single match mode against a random user. Strengthening your team. Playing matches allows you to earn card packs and funds, both necessary for strengthening your team. The more matches you play, the stronger you get!

Pitch Clash Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Quick match - play against a random user from around the globe!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: free spin roulette, off ad, legendary player, card packs, coins, standard pack, fame tokens, points, gems
3. You earn 1 reward pack for each match you play. You can earn up to a maximum of 3 reward packs per day. Add to your team: newly obtained cards can be added to your team from the team management menu.
4. Store: purchase player cards and items here. New items will be added to the store, so check back regularly. You can purchase card packs that contain a random selection of player cards. You never know who you'll get! All you need to purchase one is coins.
5. Season pass - complete missions to reach a new tier! You earn rewards for reaching each tier.

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