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Pixie Island use cheats
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Game story

Wow, such a beautiful island. A pity that we lost the world tree seed. There's always accidents with adventure. Just storming sea is so like it's name. I'm tired. Let's camp. The sea side is long enough to protect us from the mist. And severals fruiters for food. How about a small hut? Think we will stay here for a long time. Why not build a sturdy one? So we need more materials to ensure the stability of the house. Let's build a warehouse to keep things first. Woods and straws ready. But don't forget stones. The warehouse must be strong enough to withstand the storm that may come.

Pixie Island Hack Basics

Such a sturdy warehouse. But next step is more important. Our sweet home, where we will live in. We should think about steady source of food. Plant wheat in the new area. Just waiting for crop to mature is boring right? Let's collect some materials, for the future. Ok, materials ready, wheat's ready. But we can't eat wheat. We should make some bread. So we need a bakery. Don't forget to prepair some house for elves. Well neighbors can give us better help. Elf houses will provide you vigor. Remember to click the bubble for feeding elves. Think we can consider about the next building. Renos went to look at the new area, and probably will be back soon.

Hint & Tips

1. There seems to be some interesting remains on the island. We just ventured here and set up a stronghold. I've basically figured out the route here. I'll give you the backlog of orders, you will make the goods to me to transport out. But we can only produced in limited quantities. And expect that if you can provide some materials for our expedition. With your respectable and high quality pursuit, your goods will surely have a good market.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: decoration, coins, gems, speed up, vigor, materials, unlock territory, residence, level up, upgrade, workers
3. Except the port, we can also click the picture of captain Analysia on the right of the screen to enter the order interface. You'll get coins from order, which elves love. And several types of rewards will be given. Coins get from orders can be used in the building shop to buy bases of building.

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