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Pocket Ants Game story

Hello there! I will guide your first steps into the fascinating world of ants. You are the colony's first working ant. We shall start by building a chamber for processing and storing food. Build the Food processing chamber, using the Colony menu. This chamber is used for growing food. Workers will process the leaves here to serve as nutrition for the fungus garden. We will now look for food while the chamber is being build. Go up and exit the nest. Let's explore the outside world. You must be careful up here, there are predators and enemy ants lurking around. Now look for a leaf to gather from, you can use the minimap to help you find it. Once there, gather a leaf piece by using the Select button and take it back to the nest.Now drop the leaf piece inside the Food processing chamber. You just processed your first food! Pick up the recently processed fungus and drop it near the queen.

Pocket Ants Hack Basics trucos

A new worker ant is born! We will have to assign the newborn a task to perform. In order to do it, open the Workers menu. You will be able to assign behaviours to your worker ants. Task the newborn to gather leaves and bring them to the Food processing chamber, just like you did earlier. Use the second slider for assigning that task to your worker ant and press Confirm. Oh, it seems like the ant doesn't know where to gather leaves from. We will have to establish the leaf as the source for our workers to gather from. To do that, go back to the surface, Select the leaf and press the Source button. Well done! Now your worker will gather leaves until you assign the ant a different task. Remember that you must set a Source for any new resource or when your current source is depleted. Complete the firsts tasks from the Quest menu and we will meet again when you upgrade the Queen's chamber.

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Queen is hungry. There are idle workers. Upgrade Food processing chamber to breed more ants. Drop leaves here to store them. Ants store vegetation here in preparation for the cold winter months. Used for storing seeds. Workers will harvest seeds and use their contents to make the ants stronger. This is the chamber where the Queen lives. She will eat and lay eggs all day long. Upgrade the chamber to breed stronger soldiers. Now that you upgraded the Queens chamber, we can finally breed soldier ants. Breed one soldier ant from the Army menu, it will costs you 15 food per soldier. In order to defeat the Tarantula lurking nearby, you will need about six soldiers. Just need a little more fungus for soldiers which I'll surely get from these Acorns. Good, you now have a decent sized army. Recruit the soldiers while outside the nest. Soldier ants will follow you anywhere. They will automatically attack nearby enemy ants. Against bigger creatures, you must go near them amd the Attack button will become active. Defeat the spider and bring glory to your colony!

Pocket Ants Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When you defeat a creature, you can kill it and gather its parts as resources. You will need to build the Body parts chamber in order to do so. You can also capture it amd make it join your army. But you will need to build the Creatures chamber for capturing creatures.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Pocket Ants cheat code - give: leaf, resource, workers, speed up, fungus, parts, seed, battle tokens, recruit, increase storage, premium ant, craft materials
3. Creatures chamber - Ants will carry captured creatures here to tame them and make them join their army. Upgrade the chamber to improve fusion success chances.
4. Body part chamber - Body parts of defeated insects or arachnids will be stored here. Ants will use them for making a stronger army.
5. Honeydew chamber - Honeydew farmed from aphids will be stored here. Ants will consume the honeydew and gain multiple bonuses for the colony.
6. Nursery chamber - The queen will be able to lay more eggs at the time. Workers will bring them here, feed them and take care of them.
7. Resin chamber - Used for storing resin. Some ants protect their colonies from desease by crafting potent antibiotics made of tree resin.

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