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Pocket Bees Game story

Hello there! Welcome to Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator. I am beekeeper Noelle. I will gude your first steps into the amazing world of bees. You are the colony's first worker bee. We shall start by building a chamber for processing and storing honey. Build the Honey processing chamber using the Colony menu. Making honey is an important task for worker bees. They feed it to the developing larvae and also need it as a food source over the winter. The work involved in gathering nectar from flowers and transforming it into honey back in the nest requires that all the worker bees in a colony work together. We will now look for food while the chamber is being built. Go to the right and exit your nest. Let's explore the outside world! You must be careful out here, there are predators and wasps lurking around.

Pocket Bees Hack Basics trucos

Now look for a flower to forage from, you can use the minimap to help you find it. Once there, extract its nectar by pressing the action button and take it back to the nest. Good, now drop the nectar inside the Honey processing chamber. You just processed your first honey! You can now breed a new worker bee, do so from the Bee menu. A new worker bee is born! We will have to assign the newborn a task to perform. In order to do this, open the Bee menu. From there you will be able to assign tasks to your workers. Assign the newborn to forage for nectar and bring it to Honey processing chamber, just like you did earlier. Press the first forage button for assigning your worker to forage for nectar. Press Confirm when ready. Oh, we will also need to indicate to the worker bees where they will need to go foraging. Choose the flower as the source for our workers to know where to go. To do this, go back outside, land on the flower as press the Source button. Try sending the bees to forage again afterwards.

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Well done! Now your worker will forage nectar. It will take her a short while to gather the nectar and return. Remember that you must set a Source for any new flower or when the current one is depleted. Start completing tasks from the Missions menu and we will meet again when you upgrade the Brood chamber to level 2. Nectar is the raw material for honey. When nectar is processed, converted into honey and stored, it becomes a vital resource to the colony, not just for day-to-day purposes but particularly to help survive the winter months. The brood chamber houses worker-made cells where the eggs, larvae and pupae develop. Some of the cells in this part of the nest also hold pollen, nectar or honey that's used to feed the developing lavrae. The queen spends most of her life here. Pollen provides healthy proteins to bees. Foraging bees collects it in pollen baskets, a type of collection device on their legs, to take back to the nest so the rest of the colony can benefit aswell. Bees usually forage on only one kind of flower on any single trip. This is nature's way of assuring that plants are pollinated.

Pocket Bees Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Worker bees naturally produce wax flakes from wax glands on the underside of their belies. The production of beeswax is essential to the bee colony. It is used to construct the combs in which the bees raise their brood and into which they store pollen and surplus honey for the winter.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Pocket Bees cheat code - give: increase slots, speed up, repair, help token, forge, resource, request token, charcoal, steel, coolant, whetstone, fuji troops, firework balls, koban
3. The bees make propolis from tree resins that they collect from leaf buds and tree sap. They mix them with honey, and enzymes from their stomachs to return it into this useful substance. Bees tend to seal small cracks with it, they use it as a polish on the inside of brood cells, and they wrap dead things with it to prevent putrefaction in the nest.
4. Recruit the guard bees while outside your nest. Guard bees will now follow you everywhere. They will automatically attack nearby enemies and creatures. Once you defeat a creature you will have a limited time to mummify it by spitting tree resin on it. Defeat and capture the Crab spider to bring glory to your colony! You can manage the creatures you captured from the inventory menu.
5. You can attract new creatures using flower sap to craft special pheromones. Obtain 2 flower saps. You can see the ones you currently have in the Craft menu. You now have enough flower saps to begin crafting. Open the Craft menu and tap the pheromone switch, drag saps to the crafting slots and press Craft.
6. You can use the crafted pheromones to attract a new creature or to power up the ones you already have. You can also craft materials and seeds to grow new flowers using the same method, by tapping the flower switch instead. For your first Battle you will need at least 2 captured creatures. You will also need to build the Propolis chamber to be able to store the Battle rewards.
7. You are now ready for your first Battle. Open the Creatures menu and assign at least 2 creatures to your Battle team slots. You can do this by drapping the creature icon to a free slot in your Battle team. Good, now remember that you will always have your guard bees as the Battle unit. If you are planning to use them, it is recommended that you go into Battle with as many guard bees as you can. Now enter the Battle menu and tap on my icon to do a practice Battle versus me.

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