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Pocket Incoming Game story

The battles of the League Conference are fierce and exciting, and we are finally about to enter the final battle. Let's welcome the two trainers who fought all the way to a glorious battle in the finals!
Hello, new trainer, welcome to this magical world. People here like to call me Professor Oak. I'll be guiding you into this magical world. I hope you can become a master of the generation through fighting and catching Pokemons. But since we are going on a journey, I'll have to give you a new companion first, otherwise nothing can be started. Which is the Pokemon of your choice? Well, since you don't have any idea yet, come here and take a closer look at them. Wait, I forgot to tell you something. I have another Pokemon for you. Although he can be a little feisty at times, I believe he will also grow into a good companion in your adventure. Pikachu, let's fight together!

Pocket Incoming Hack Basics trucos

Next, let's familiarize and understand this magical Pokemon World with the Rotom Pokedex. Next, let's begin your adventure. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Tap the Pokemon avatar icon here to send it out for battle. Now that you have your line-up, tap to start the battle. A single Pokemon in the Training Center can gain up to EXP time boost per day. Youngsters nowadays can be rather impatient. I won't say much since you don't seem interested. Now that you have gotten the Pokemon you want, let's try fighting with it.

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Let me teach you some basic battle techniques. Tap here to select the move you want to make. Try the more powerful moves, which will cool down for a few turns after using it. Select the move and tap the target to cast the move on. Rage is full, you may now use your powerful knock out move! There are all sorts of Pokemons in this magical world. Don't you want to catch more of them? Let's try drawing some cards and summon new Pokemons! Tap here to enter the Card Draw interface. You can also quickly adjust the formation through the formation entrance in the main city.

Pocket Incoming Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Giving the Pokemon a mint from the bag will change its character.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Pocket Incoming cheat code - give: diamond card privilege pack, vip, draw x10, S pokemon, coins, unlimited energy, stars, shards, evolve, friendship points, revive, inherit
3. Now, I'll teach you some advanced battle techniques. Here is special bar, which determines who makes the first move. Select your move. After the move is selected, the Pokemon type will also affect effectiveness of the move.
4. We've got the Pokemon material for the breakthrough. Let's give it a try! Breakthrough to enhance the strength of the Pokemons and have higher combat power. With the breakthrough, the combat power of the Pokemon has increased greatly.
5. Drag the aperture on the sole of the character to modify the position. The more damage you deal in the Coin Event, the more coins you get.
6. There are new star level chests to be collected. As clearing dungeons can earn you stars, when you accumulate a certain number of stars, you will get star chests.

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