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Game story

Try getting a shot of pokemon! You can press A to take a photo. Now, why don't you try moving the camera to line up your shot? See that circle in the center of your viewfinder? That's called the pointer. If you use L to move pointer around, the camera will move to follow it. You can point the camera up and down - and even spin all the way around left or right. You can use motion controls to aim your camera, too. It'll be important when the professor's evaluating your photos. To zoom in, just hold ZL. You can adjust your camera and motion controls from the settings menu. You can also adjust them from the pause menu while you're out doing research. You can choose a photo with, or by moving the pointer. Press A when you've decided which one to show me. The first thing i do is rate each photo from one to four stars. I came up with this system to help us understand and categorize how Pokemon behave. Photos of Pokemon in an ordinary state get fewer stars. More unusual behavior means more stars. To be clear, the number of star a photo receives doesn't affect its score. Every category is important. By the way, the camera keeps logs of what was happening when you took each photo. That data helps me categorize your photos.

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Size is straightforward - the larger your subject unit appears in the photo, the better. Then there's the direction the character is facing. Try to get it facing you in your photos. Next is placement. Try to get the unit in the center of the frame for a nice, balanced photo. And finally, you'll get bonus points if other pokemon are in the photo with your subject character. Get the pet nice and big in the center of the frame, then snap the shutter.

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Once you get your photos evaluated, you can use them to fill out your very own photodex. That will be a great milestone to work toward. Neo-one - it can teleport to far off places in no time flat. It makes use of energy hot spots scattered throughout the Lental region. A camera developed by professor mirror for researching pokemon. It links to the neo-one allowing you to use the camera to access the vehicle's different features. The camera can transmit and analyze data, and it even serves as a high tech ID card.

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1. You can change various settings to customize your gameplay experience. You can even change some of them during your research trips - check the pause menu to see what they are.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: points, rare units, medals, stars, research, unlock island, auto focus, beginners pack
3. The NEO-one will automatically follow a set route. You can just focus on looking around and taking photos. Symbol marks the spot where you'll teleport back to camp.
4. Don't forget you can come back to the lab and take a look at your photodex anytime. Photodex - that's the encyclopedic record you're building with the photos you're taking. Your space - that's where you can see your personal photo album and adventure milestones. Your album is for photos you want to keep but not put in your photodex. You can edit your album photos in some cool ways, too! If you use the online internet feature, you can see photos from players all around the world.

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