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Pokémon UNITE Game story

Welcome to Aeos Island! I am the head of the Aeos Research institute. I perform research on the mysterious energy known as Aeos energy, which pervades Aeos Island. You're new here to the island, aren't you. And you have the look of a Pokemon Trainer about you. I suppose you came after hearing rumors of our Unite Battles? Unite Battles are Pokemon battles that make use of Aeos energy. But you'll have to learn the rules before you participate in Unite Battles yourself. I'll have one of our researchers, Erbie, take care of explaining the rules to you.

This is the Practice Area! This is the perfect place to learn the basics of Unite Battles. Unite Battles are battles in which Pokemon form teams to face off against each other! The winner of these battles is decided by the final score of both teams when time runs out. Let's start by practicing moving around here in the Practice Area. Use L to move. Press A to use basic attacks! You collect some Aeos energy using your Unite Ball!

Pokémon UNITE Hack Basics trucos

Collecting Aeos energy in your Unite Ball and scoring a goal with that energy in one of the opposing team's goal zones will net you points for your team. Victory goes to the team that scores the most points in its opponents' goal zones before time runs out. I see you've collected some Aeos energy in your Unite Ball. Hold down X to score a goal! Keep collecting Aeos energy to increase your score! Defeat wild Pokemon to collect Aeos energy! Press R or ZR to use your moves! ZR Volt Tacle R Electro Ball. Once your Unite Move gauge charges to 100%, you can unleash your superstrong Unite Move. When you knock out a Pokemon from the opposing team, it may drop some of the Aeos energy it was carrying. Be sure to pick it up if you see it! On the other hand, this means that your opponents may also pick up ypur hard-earned Aeos energy if they knock you out. Keep this in mind when battling against the opposing team!

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Charizard - Melee Pokemon that have a great balance of Offense and Endurance and excel at apdating to a wide variety of situations. Pikachu - Ranged Pokemon that have great Offense and excel at ranged attacks. Let's try a 5-on-5 Unite Battle with some other Trainers! It's one of the actual venures for Unite Battles! The area shown in purple is your team's area, and the orange is your opponents' area. The map is split into two paths - one on the top and one on the bottom. Both teams' goal zones are located on these paths. Successfully depositing Aeos energy in an opposing goal zone will earn pionts for your team! This is one of the opposing teams' goal zones. You can score goals in these with the Aeos energy you collect. If multiple teammates gather in a single goal zone, goals can be scored faster! This is one of your team's goal zones. You can recover HP in these, making them very useful when you're in a pinch!

Pokémon UNITE Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The team that scores the most points before time runs out wins! Once the battle begins, you'll first want to defeat wild Pokemon to collect Aeos energy.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Pokémon UNITE cheat code - give: aeos coins, unite license, exclusive outfit, potions, item box, prize packs, Cramorant set, Snorlax set, fashion ticket, zirco, holowear, premium gems, battle pass, unlimited energy
3. Your Pokemon's HP is low! You can recover HP by quickly entering one of your team's goal zones! However, your movement speed will increase in your own team's speed flux zones, so be sure to make good use of them!
4. You gain Exp. Points by defeating wild Pokemon or knocking out Pokemon from the opposing team. As Pokemon level up, they may evolve mid-battle as yours just did. Go out and earn more Exp.
5. When your Pokemon is knocked out, it drops some of the Aeos energy it had collected. But there's no time to be down about it! The Pokemon will soon revive at the base with full HP ready to dive right back into the battle!
6. You can get commemorative gifts from Unite Battle Committee whenever your Trainer level increases. Press R to open the Trainer level menu. Here you can check your Trainer level and the commemorative gifts for reaching each level. You can participate in battles and raise your Trauner level to get more rewards! You can get commemorative gifts from Unite Battle Committee whenever your Trainer level increases.
7. The Beginners Challenge: You can receive a wide variety of rewards by completing the missions here. New missions and rewards will appear one after the other here over the course of one week, so you'll want to check back every day. The challenge itself will last for 30 days!

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