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Police Simulator Patrol Officers Game story

Welcome to the Brighton police force, officer! Please study this handbook carefully at the start of your new career and occasionally refresh your memory later in your career. Remember the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics in all situations. As a law enforcement officer, my fundmental duty is to serve the community, to safeguard lives and property, to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder, and to respect the constitutional rights of all to liberty, equality and justice. In this handbook, you will find many helpful tips and hints about a patrol officer's daily duties and what is expected of them. Each handbook entry has links to other, related entries. Study it carefully to become an upstanding, honest and decisive patrol officer.

Police Simulator Patrol Officers Hack Basics trucos

The following topics will help provide you with a good understanding of your duties as you start playing as a patrol officer:
- Focus mode
- Reasonable suspicion
- Probable cause
- Detaining
- Asking for ID
- Handcuffing
- Casual and Simulation Game Mode
This handbook sometimes mentions key bindings. Please note thet these key bindings refer to the standart layout. Customized key bindings are not displayed.

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Focus Mode allows patrol officers to obtain more information from a variety of situations. It's activated by "right clicking" the mouse or pressing "LT" on a gamepad. It can be used to:
- Focus on license plates. This not only zooms in on the license plate, it also creates an entry in the "Background Check" application on the police computer. Also, focusing on vehicle license plates involved in an accident provides bonus points
- Focus on wanted suspects. Looking like a wanted person is enough evidence to detain them. Focusing on this person provides patrol officers with a hint about whether the person is the wanted suspect. Do so to avoid lengthy ID checks for a lot of pedestrians.
- Focus on drug dealers. This provides information about whether the observed interaction really was a drug deal.

Police Simulator Patrol Officers Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The term "resonable suspicion" means that a situation allows a patrol officer to believe that a person may have committed a crime. Reasonable suspicion authorizes th officer to detain persons in a Terry stop, frisk them and follow up on suspicion. Drug and alcohol tests are justified and persons are obligated to identify themselves when the officer asks them to. Find more information about which actions are allowed in a situation in the "Evidence" handbook entry.
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3. The term "probable cause" is similar to "resonable suspicion", but requires more evidence or clues to be established and allows for a wider range of officer actions. Probable cause is established when a patrol officer can convincingly argue that a person is very likely to have commited a crime. Probable cause authorized the officer to search a person or their car and make an arrest. Find more information about which actions are allowed in a situation in the "Evidence" handbook entry.
4. When starting a new career and at any time during a shift of a career already in progress, you are able to customize your game experience. Police Simulator. Patrol Officers allows you to toggie many features between a "Simulation" and a "Casual" experience. While the simulation option targets a more realistic game feel, the Casual options is more relaxed and offer more help. The Simulation option is often more punishing, while Casual Mode allow you to toggie features in the following categories:
- General: When Casual Mode is on, the player character, player car, and pedestrians cannot take damage.
- Traffic violation detection: If Casual Mode is on, you will receive hints on traffic violations actively in progress by drivers (e.g. driving over the red light). However, ongoing violations are not shown ( e.g. driving with a broken windshield).
- Other violation detection: If Casual Mode is on, you will receive hints on other violations, such as pedestrians, jaywalking, littering, having an expired ID, or carrying illegal items.
- Player violations: If Causial Mode is on, players won't be punished for violations like speeding or ignoring red lights. Please be aware that police brutality will be punished even with Casual Mode on!
5. Detaining a person means preventing them from leaving. An "investigative detention", "investigatory stop" or "Terry stop" (Legal case Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968)) is one of three possible police-citizen encounters:
- Consensual encounter
- Investigative detention
- Arrest
An officer may detain somebody only with reasonable suspicion or probable cause that a person has committed a crime or violation. If a person does not have reason to believe that a police officer has detained them - for example, by telling them that they are detained and by naming the grounds for their detention - this person is free to leave at any time.
6. Pedestrians can be detained for littering, jaywalking, when they match the description of a wanted person, or they probably possess drugs. Apart from such Terry stops, there are many arrest encounters that don't require detainment, but which result in an immediate arrest by handcuffing (see respective article)
7. Grounds for detaining drivers are divided in multiple categories in the Interaction Wheel. Each of these categories may include multiple grounds for detainment - check them all out in the Interaction Wheel.
The Intuition system displays multiple types of information in certain situations and is displayed as a text overlay beneath the compass. The intuition information can have different colors:
Blue: This shows additional intel when interacting with people. For example, when talking to a person, the intuition feedback may show "I smell alcohol". Hint: Alright, some of this intuition feedback is triggered only when the flashlights turned on!
Red: This shows information about the conduct and behavior of the police officer. For example, when driving too fast, the intuition feedback shows "I'm driving too fast". Many red intuition feedback hints are not triggered when the casual option for that feature in enabled in the game settings.
Green: This shows additional information when playing Casual Mode enable. For example, if you turn the Casual Mode for "Littering" in the game settings, the intuition feedback shows "This person littered".
Yellow: This shows any other intuition feedback.

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