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Poly Odyssey Tome Heroes Game story

After the Middle Ages, the world's mogic and monsters were sealed by the great mage Merlin into the Tomeworld. The Tomeworld is the frontier of human fantasy, where elves, dwarves and dragons lived in peace until the demons invaded. Although living things here have mastered the power of magic, the source of their power human fantasy. They need an Oathsworn in order to use their true power. To this end, Princess Eliza has summoned you to the Tomeworld: you must lead them in resisting the demons.
After you rescued Princess Eliza from the Demons, news that the King was gravely ill reached you, and the Princess rushed back to the capital. Before leaving, the princess asked the guards to take you to a nearby territory that has been specially prepared by the King for the Oathworn. There, you and your heroes can gradually become stronger. This territory is no paradise however, as the area remains infested with orc bandits. You must protect your territory first...

Poly Odyssey Tome Heroes Hack Basics trucos

When Roge is full, click on the Hero portrait to release their Kill Skill! Friendship Points can be used to Summon Heroes. The Training Hall is where Heroes are promoted. After promotion, the quality and abilities of Heroes will be improved. Put me in the middle to get the most from my Kill Skill "Firebird". Clear Stage: 2-12 or reach VIP 2 to unlock battle speed X2. Gold and Diamonds can be spent in shops to purchase gear, Magic Crystals, and all kinds of other items.

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Using the lift controls next to you, we can go up to the high piatform above and save her! In the magic world, gravity is not an insurmountable barrier. Lifting and dropping platforms is easy as long as you have magic. Summon x10 guarantees an Eliter or Legendary character.

Poly Odyssey Tome Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Your heroes are fighting all the time, even when you're not! Log in to claim accumulated rewards instantly. Fight monsters and defeat the demonic invasion!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Poly Odyssey Tome Heroes cheat code - give: faction summon, friendship points, vip status, gold, diamonds, legendary hero, story points, shards, speed up, artifact, rune, equipment, promotion
3. With multiple races and professions, as well as varied hero designs each with their own skills, effects and weaknesses, no battle will be the same!
4. Hero bonds, weaknesses, formations, skill combos and much more are all important factors in developing your strategies. Battles are random and uncertain, so explore various match ups for to defeat the enemy!

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