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unlock thief - use Nfih4yumD
off ads - nELoe9gOF
secret combination - 9bFJWB3fP
headwear - YyhD8g2h7
double rewards - jMkQmXL1u
necklace - GIthmOis9
weapon - f0AM0lINB
armor - VBuPK63AX
Polygon Fantasy hack starter package - fXqOWHoZe
admin panel - HRsFOwbDv
gloves - 8B8LqhfVn
pants - enter gGiaaYrAA
boots - h2U5m6u6y
rings - use U3utE2rQf
artifact - aZEJsNYXw
gold - enter Sfyl2ZGMQ
experience points - s8elbTrUN
crystals - use rjzRGc16i
epic ore chest - use jwKx0caYO
act pack - CcKMRgxUP
refresh trader - enter PBcq7moK3
unlimited energy - Xf6B7fnB3

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Polygon Fantasy Game story

Conquering villages is not my cup of tea, but after weeks of marching, men will enjoy it. Your enjoyment is not my concern, General. We know those swords are in the area. Don't worry, we will take this insignificant little place in no time and find you your precious swords. But be careful, I sense something strange and powerful inside those pitiful gates. Use joystick to move aroung. Enemies are coming! Attack them! Defeated enemies drop items sometimes. You can equip them in your inventory. Tap on your new item to look at it in detail. That weapon has way better stats! Equip it! You are now ready to fight stronger opponents. Another attack - kill them! They are relentless. Destroy them! There are too many enemies! Use your special skill!

Polygon Fantasy Hack Basics trucos

Bought items appear in your inventory. Go equip it. Open your inventory. Open item detail. Equip your new armor. Remember to upgrade your equipment. Open chests with ore regularly and upgrade, insert gams and choose best equipment available to you! Now is the time to learn more about the motives of those Nothern Empire soldiers. Let's see your next mission: The soldiers of the Nothern Empire have been driven away, but they won't stop. You'll have to find out what aren they after if you are to have any hope of peace returning to Swordtown and the Blade Valley. Beware...this place is full of wild beasts. Press forward and kill any dangers you meet. Search the captain's tent, there might be some useful information there.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - 55ZeHV4jS
level up code - zwJEEauum
daily pack Polygon Fantasy cheat - enter pass odHVoEuIu
admin account - 0vWnAEkpo
Month Card x1 - mY4fIrCON
booster pack - llm3w5yUo
evolve - e1RsfBYC7
enhance - zAb4oD65M
You have a lot of skills here and each of them has 6 more models! You can switch freely between them in this menu. Click at this skill! Here are it's stats and mods. Choose this mode to make the skill powerful! Ice-cone - Cone of freezing energy spreads from your hands, it deals 65% Damage as Cold to all enemies in 5m in 90 degree angle. Full-circle - Ice-cone changes to full ice-circle. It deals 75% Damage as Cold. Lightning bolt - shoots straight from your hands towards your target. It deals 250% Damage as Lightning on impact. Fireball - Ball of fire shoots from your hands towards your target. It explodes on impact and deals 100% Damage as Fire to all enemies in 6m radius.

Polygon Fantasy Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Great, you can choose any skill you want. Other skills and options will be unlocked at higher levels!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Polygon Fantasy cheat code - give: unlock thief, headwear, necklace, weapon, armor, gloves, pant,s boots, rings, artifact, gold, experience points, crystals, off ads, epic ore chest, act pack, refresh trader, unlimited energy
3. Scout out the castle, there might be some useful information. Enter the room. Press forward and kill any dangers you meet. Walk down the stairs. Kill the Protector of the Scabbard Castle. Find three books with important information within.
4. The Thief is not the toughest, or even the bravest of fighters - but he can dish out a lot of damage and interfere with your foes.

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