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Port City Ship Tycoon Game story

Welcome to San Francisco! You are the new port manager, right? I have been waiting for you. First we need to fix the Coal Mine to have a reliable source of coal. Tap the ship to deliver gold. Coal is a basic material we need for the reconstruction. But we will need other materials too. Please wait until the ships reach their destination. The Coal Mine is ready to be used. Should you need coal for any future tasks, here you can obtain it. Job done! Tap to collect your reward. Now it's time to send for our first shipment of coal. Tap a ship to get coal from coal mine. All the coal will be stored in your warehouses. We will need a lot of it for all the buildings.

Port City Ship Tycoon Hack Basics trucos

Let's have a look at your current fleet. There is a ship waiting for you with cargo ready to be collected. It's the coal we sent the ship for. Now you can collect the material. The collected material will is now stored in your warehouse. And you are ready to start a new job. Did you feel it? That feel like an earthquake and a pretty strong one. We should inspect the damage. There was a landslide and it buried the Iron Mine. If we remove the debris, we can use the mine again. It seems you have finaly enough keys to unlock a container. Let's go to the Shop and open your first container! There's a ship in every container, but you never know which type. Let's hope it's a good one! You just got a powerful Epic ship! This one can deliver 12 items at once! You've got 2 ships now. Don't let them get rusty in your docks. Send them both on a voyage!

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - F1m2uwknG
level up code - 3aJwK2tMZ
daily pack Port City Ship Tycoon cheat - enter pass W16sLXLSn
admin account - F8pATSuOM
Month Card x1 - s6lAxxjd5
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Thankfully no one was hurt during the landslide as it happened at night. But now we are cut off from our iron resources. The landslide was massive so you will have to work a bit harder to remove all the rocks and earth. But we are almost done. You have saved up enough keys to unlock another container. So let's do that! Now you are the owner of three magnificent ships. Your fleet is getting bigger by the day. You must have noticed all the trash in the water. The previous manager was a real slacker. It's time we do something about it. To dispatch more ships, hire new dispatchers. Your ships are awesome, but they could be even more so once we upgrade them. So let's do that!

Port City Ship Tycoon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Open the Ship Fleet. You can see all your ships here. The ship power on each ship card tells you the amount of materials the ship can carry. You can improve the ship power with ship parts and gold.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Port City Ship Tycoon cheat code - give: speed up, resources, auto clicker, premium ship, offline reward, vip manager, keys, gold, gems, supreme container, pilots, increase capacity, big box, off ads, materials, parts
3. Tap a ship card to open the ship details. If you see the green arrow in the corner of your card, you have enough resources to upgrade it.
4. Now that the watre is cleaned up, we can set up the waterway barrier. It will help organize the traffic in the port. The barrier is halfway done. Let's get some more buoys into the water.
5. Tap the building site to build a Factory - the Smelting Plant. You need products like Steel to complete jobs. The production takes some time, but we are in a hurry. So let's speed things up! The produced Steel is now stored in your Warehouse. Let's return to San Francisco and finish the job!
6. You can see the new jobs on the map. Or just open the job list where you can fing them all. So let's get the jobs done, buy more ships, and build a shipping empire of your dreams!
7. To avoid collisions in the port we need to build a radar tower. That will help us monitor the traffic. You are officially the port manager, but the city needs some reconstruction too. The docks are in a terrible state, we need some new buildings, and a stadium.

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