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Potato Smash use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to the kingdom. Let's summon a unit first. Silver is required to summon characters. It will cost more silver the more times you summon. Kill monsters to earn more silver. Two identical potatoes if the same grade merge. Merging will create a random potato. it may not be the same potato that you used for merging. But the level 3 unit won't deal as much damage as four level 1 characters combined.

Potato Smash Hack Basics trucos

Monsters deal damage when they reach the goal. Normal monsters will deal 1 damage, while bosses will deal 2 damage. we must stop them. When the number of units you have and their levels are at an advantage, you can ascend them to increase their damage output. You know all the strategies by now. It's time to test it out against an opponent.

enter cheat (Potato Smash gift codes):
upgrade trucos - pbM0TDXbE
level up - Zjca7xfew
daily pack - enter pass OTWb5qtiF
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Month Card x1 - EAu7hBaOi
booster pack - DfVADVpus
evolve - F1rBlVPEK
enhance - uRCNhu6pM
The monsters you defeat will respawn on the opponent's side during combat, and vice versa. Kill monsters at a faster pace to defeat your opponent. Play with other summoners in versus mode and collect more trophies. You'll earn extra trophies and gold from winning streaks in versus mode. Tap the biss button in battle to see its skills.

Potato Smash Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Co-op mode: work with your buddies to ward off monsters. The more rounds you survive, the more rewards.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Potato Smash cheat code - give: gold, trophies, skins, auto merge, legendary unit, battle pass, vip status, heroic path, special emotion, gems
3. Play in any of the battle modes available, including the heated Versus mode, the Co-op mode requiring teamwork, the Random Arena that keeps things fresh, and the thrilling Gold League where the best players fight it out! Every mode brings endless fun!

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