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Game story

The story begins. You're a novice alchemist wandering the world in search of your destiny. After a long journey, you have finally found a place to ply your trade. You found an old abandoned house on the edge of town. Judging by the alchemy equipment and garden, the former owner seems to have practiced alchemy. Apparently, a wizard used to live here, but the layer of dust and the condition of the house suggest that it has been empty for a long time. You decide to turn the house into a potion shop. After several days of cleaning and preparing, the shop is ready for its first customers. It's time to remember your alchemy skills and start this new life in a new town.

Potions are made from ingredients. Take 2 terrarias and 2 waterblooms from your inventory and throw them in the cauldron. TO move ingredients, click and hold the mouse, drag them to the cauldron, and let go. Pay attention to the alchemy map on the laboratory wall. It shows you the path the ingredients create once they are added to the cauldron. After adding ingredients, you can stir the potion. Stirring the potion advances the potion icon down the path defined by the ingredients. Use the spoon to stir. Click and hold the mouse and move the spoon back and forth until the potion icon on the map reaches the desired position. Stirring allows the potion icon to collect experience points. Accumulating experience lets you level up but has no effect on the current potion.

Potion Craft Hack Basics

Now the potion icon is touching an unknown effect. To find out what the effect does, you need to add it to the current potion. To add the effect to the potion, you need to bring the water in the cauldron to a boil. Use the bellows to blow on the coals and heat the cauldron to the desired temperature. Take the bellows by the handle and continue blowing on the coals until there is an explosion over the cauldron. Grinding ingredients: a mortar and pestle are an alchemist's best friends. You can use the mortar and pestle to grind up practically any ingredients and unlock their potential. This helps you create the same potion using just 1 terraria and 1 waterbloom. Take terraria from your inventory, place it in the mortar and grind it up with the pestle until it turns to mush. The more you grind an ingredient, the longer the path that ingredient will make on the alchemy map once it is added to the cauldron.

Hint & Tips

1. Excellent, you made the very same potion but used half as many ingredients. Your first potion attempt won't always be the most optimal, so experiment and perfect it! If you're happy with the potion you made, save it in the recipe book. Then you can make that potion in the future with the click of a button. Save the recipe for your current potion. When you save a recipe, the potion is immediately created, just like when you press 'finish potion'.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: talent point, ingredients, speed up, auto craft, gold, unlock recipes, enhance, level up, upgrade
3. You are the owner of a potion shop, and your task is hot only to brew potions but also sell them to customers. A customer has arrived - go to the shop! For moving between rooms use the navigation buttons at the edges of each room, the W, A, S, D keys, or the arrow keys. TO go to the shop, click the navigation button on the left or press the A key or the left arrow key.
4. Every day, people from all over town, and even from other towns, will stop in to buy various magic potions. Your job is to brew potions in the laboratory and sell them to customers. Many potions must be brewed for a specific purpose, but it's still a good idea to keep a few of the most popular potions on hand just in case. If a customer likes a potion, it will be clear from their reaction.

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