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The Prince Of Tennis 2 Game story

Transfer your save file to another device through the Data Transfer settings! Unlock a Training Board's Awaken Space to chance the character's clothing and increase Max Lv! Choose the difficulty of your match! We, the Seigaku Tennis Club, have been selected to participate in the U-17 training camp. As you raise your card Stats, your Match scores will go up! Obtaining more than 2 of the same card will lengthen the Training Board and grant a +1 to the card's Max Lv. Try changing the clothing your Order will wear during matches!

Tap the rhythm icons in time with the music! Tap connected rhythm icons at the same time. Tap and hold rhythm icons attached to vertical beams. Let go at the end. How to play matches - Flock pointed rhythm icons in the direction they point. Swipe pointed rhythm icons that are connected by a beam. Tap glowing rhythm icons to activate strong player skills! Aim for a High Score: Some rhythm notes combine simultaneous taps, press and hold, and flicks. Land taps and flicks to get Full Combos and aim for the high score!

The Prince Of Tennis 2 Hack Basics trucos

Select cards for matches. You got Kunimitsu Tezuka and Shuichiro Oishi. You can now use them in matches. The Menu button on the upper right can take you to many different screens. Let's try a match! You can create an Order with up to 5 cards. Your current Order is made up of the cards you just received. The card character set as the Player will play the Match, and the Supporter will provide on the Player. How Matches are scored: Tap the rackets when rhythm icons reach the center for a chance at a high score. Tap scores are Bad, Nice, Great and Sss (Lowest to highest score). If you get a Bad or Miss by timing your taps poorly, your Tension will decrease. When your Tension reaches 0, the Match ends in a loss.

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Match Rewards - Play Matches to get EXP, Gold and other rewards. As you gain experience, your User Ramk will increase, and you will unlock the Main Story. The card set as a Player will have special effects on the Match. Be sure to keep the Player card strong! Rise multiple Character Ranks to recieve Situation Cards. There are 3 types of cards: Red, Blue and Green. Make your Order in harmony with your Match! Level up your cards to increase their Stats. As stats increase high scores and good rewards will be easier to get! You can unlock spaces on the Training Board using Training Items won through Match rewards. Use the Training Items required for each space to increase the Stats on your cards. High-rarity cards have an Awaken Space. Unlock this to get new card art and increase the card's Max Lv.

The Prince Of Tennis 2 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Training Board - There are also Story Spaces, which allow you to view a card's story, and Voice spaces, wich unlock character voices. There are Poster spaces too! These allow you to hang posters for your chibi characters in my area.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter The Prince Of Tennis 2 cheat code - give: Unlimited action points AP, rank up, premium gacha, growth pts, training items, increase stamina/technique/tension/heart, exclusive clothing, stars, beat gems, gold, auto play SSR ticket.
3. My area is where our chibi characters live. You can change up your My Area any time you want. Items that can be placed in My Area can be purchased through the Shop. Collect a variety of items to make My Area your own special retreat. You can give characters gifts in My Area. Tap the character you want to give the gift to.
4. Character Rank can be increased by giving gifts and playing Matches. Raising Character Rank will grant rewards.You can check what kinds of rewards a character can receive by cheking their details. Each character has their own Character's Rank. Character Rank can be insreased by giving gifts and playing Matches. This is where you can rise Character Rank and check obtaine rewards. Also you can listen to obtained voices and change characters and change character's clothing. Collect various items by upgrading cards and charactres through Matches and My Area!
5. Increase your Player Rank to increase max AP and the number of chibi characters you can place in My Area. Continue through the main story to unlock new songs!
6. You can set up to 5 cards in the Order with which you will play Matches. You can also change the clothing to be worn in Matches by the cards you set. You can also use Recommended to create an Order quickly and easily.

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