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promote - use hack 80Y5fUEyu
daily pack - enter pass fVi0tH4Ry
gold - G3LKLxd9U
jewel of goddess - Pb9qy40hn
booster pack - 5MAeU66UE
gems - iNTn5fRbY
Month Card x1 - ZGBtQIaJR
friendship points - Tx0xmAQ5Y
daily gift bag x10 - bvesBMfUT
artifact - PGd5zkFQ5
premium equipment - KfNazPvWc
upgrade - RuQWVxbsL
level up - gu0BXn5W3
advanced summon - 5g06eeOV4
legendary weapon - mXBjcNOwh
vip - vxzwuOL9c

Princess Tale use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Cromynong is just around the corner now. But why did the other princesses turn away from us and side with Crimyning? I think the other princesses have been bewitched by something. We can't back out now. Come on, let's save the people from monsters. Let's tap battle start. While we were heading to save the people attacked by monsters, we focused monsters for the first time. This should be a good opportunity to work on our teamwork. You have to select your hero before starting the battle. When the skill gauge is fully charged, you can use the ultimate. Defeat the monsters with a powerful strike. Monsters are coming endlessly! Keep on with the battle. After carrying the day, we got a new teammate to join us. But we can't be happy for too long. We have no time to lose here. We must save as many people as we can.

Princess Tale Hack Basics

Characters (tier list SSR): Noa - the princess as well as a battle monk of the Order of the goddess, of the kingdom of Ankara, the country where the biggest abbey in the world is located. The battle monks were born to protect the abbey against evul forces, and by following its regulation to not use any weapon in battle, they only use their own bare hands and bodies to fight. An overly kind person, she even feels sorry for the monsters she kills.

Aria - the daughter of great witch Ancacella, the head of the witches' council, Dak moon. Unlike her mother who rules those well known for their magic, she is famous for her gluttony rather than magical prowess. She loves to roast marshmallows by campfire, making her face red all the time because of the heat.

Joan - one of the six princess of Transylvania, the kingdom of Vampires famous for its gloomy sky. Peculiarly enough, she is a half vampire born from vampire and human parents. She didn't get treated very well in the kingdom due to not being a pure vampire, so the king pities her and sends her out of the country often by making her as a diplomatic envoy.

Hint & Tips

1. You can turn the tide of battle to your favor by changing your heros' positions. Try changing the positions of your heroes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: promote, jewel of goddess, gold, friendship points, advanced summon, equipment
3. Queen's tribute - a tribute offered to the queen, immediately obtains the amount of gold, hero EXP, and jewel of goddess corresponding to 2 hours of auto hunting when used.
4. Heroes on the Wishlist will have slightly increased chances to obtain through hero summon.

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Princess Tale Redeem code - premium gift box

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