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Professor Lupo Ocean use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Greetings, dear clone! You have just been activated and i am pleased to inform you that you have been assigned a total of 37581 tasks. The ship's a mess and...My name is Plato and you are on the Aurora space station. All other information is irrelevant to someone with a C personnel rating, such as yourself. Please proceed to the QST sector. Move the camera along the level by dragging it with your finger. Tap on a tile to move to it. Please be careful with the current in the water. Corals look sharp and i won't always be available to protect you. If you die, we'll just put another clone in your place and that's that.

Professor Lupo Ocean Hack Basics

Documents - collecting them is an optional task, one that's often difficult. Carry on and please resist the urge to disregard my advice. Electric Jellyfish - these lifeforms of unknown origin appeared the moment the ship's humidity levels reached 100%. I have been able to collect several useful references about them. You can consult them in the 'menu'. It is necessary to clar the main drainage core of the station's waste water circuits.

Hint & Tips

1. At the end of the original game, we left our heroes at the start of a long journey. Five thousand years later, the Aurora space station has reached its destination.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: full version, hints, secret rooms, costumes, drone, talents, off ad, no damage
3. Clone, our new heroine, will need to find out how it ended up underwater and just what happened to all of its crew.

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