Cheats hack Project M code:rubies, skins, energy, SSR hero, shards, gears, bullion, silver, primary potion Project M Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Project M hack cheat code List

rubies - use oyJMMiSLt
skins - HmMGlXLDi
secret combination - XD4KbZ5Ih
energy - DQmylzunS
double rewards - dqO0GMOdl
SSR hero - mr2TiCSEZ
shards - BREJtmrMD
gears - cnz1sCjsk
bullion - hW5thfuoC
admin panel - 60cTK3RfD
silver - NhiDg1B83
primary potion - use 3VoGlKr7F
sweep - hQZETbxRn
artifact - RS765gDJV

Project M use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to top arean. Please drag the left wheel to move your hero. Here comes the creeps, press attack button to attack. Earning XP gems by defeating creeps can level up your hero to become stronger. Drag the attack and ability buttons to aim and release them to cast. Your hero has risen to level 3, the powerful super is unlocked. The yellow points in the upper left minimap represent creeps. Smashing the green boxes to get healing out of combat can start regen. The boxes in stage may provide XP gems when destroyed. Move towards the ladders to climb on it.

Project M Hack Basics trucos

Characters: Randy (lightning hammer) - thunder hammer strike: smashes the ground with hammer and sends a shockwave forward, dealing thunder strikes along the path. Giant hammer throw - huris the hammer out after a brief charge, then the hammer will fly back and pull in all enemies along the path. Thunder weapon - every attack has a chance to trigger thunder strike. Every third attack will become smashing attack and trigger a thunder strike. Arc (greenlight archer) - power arrow: shoots a light arrow after charge, knocking back enemies. Destined justice - emits destructive tracing laser in the target direction. Charged shot - after using an ability, the next basic attack will turn into vigorous continuous shooting.

enter cheat (Project M gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 8JKJIGVnQ
level up - iqQpIhR8y
daily pack - enter pass VkwLy73x0
admin account - FKvfxUexg
Month Card x1 - VMI9fyINF
booster pack - 9ZpfFpIXu
evolve - eFmIRy39R
enhance - BJv1AoJb7
Ishi (digital assassin) - flash: strikes forward and cast whirlwind, dealing damage in the area. Phantom slash - enter phantom state after charge, slashes around and deal damage multiple times. Extra flash - gains extra flash chance in 5 seconds after casting flash. Fio 0starlight gunner) - light vortex: launches a beam, creating a vortex where the beam hits. The vortex deals damage and slow enemies in an area. Charged pulse - emits tremendous pulse after charge, dealing massive damage and penetrate enemies. Light energy slow effect - hitting enemy 3 times continuously triggers a luminous explosion, slowing enemy's speed and dealing damage.

Project M Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When the enemy is knocked back against a wall, the enemy will be stunned and receive extra damage.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: rubes, skins, battlefield physical, SSR hero, shards, gears, bullion, silver, primary potion, sweep, artifact
3. Drag the throw button to choose landing position and throw out barrels by releasing the button. Look out for the abyss! Falling into the abyss will die directly. Electric storm starts shrinking, staying inside the storm will receive continuous damage. When electric storm finishes shrinking, shrinked areas will become abyss that leads to direct death. Defeat all enemy heroes to victory.
4. Yellow dots means creeps in minimap,defeat them to level up. level up to upgrade ATK and HP6 unlock super skill on level 3. Low HP? Escape from combat to restore health. You died? You may respawn after 29s if your teammate alive. Elite creeps spawned, defeat them to gain massive EXP.

Project M Hack tools Version:


Project M Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

1. dOaDfasO3DZVPel
2. l7DKjqWRb8VkuvY
3. lwoLxipJXkrLSHe
4. LBiSKZn4mB5UYsf
5. Juvlmamq8kfBFvl
6. GmuZoGDe70yMV8P
7. zeeuKlb4zMPSKaf
8. 8KSDRpgCn4iHdoc
9. dkhRloDCHEcAV9f
10. 1pveptj2I6t3jah
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