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gems - use G8wpxXSC7
coins - fBfRmKbv1
secret combination - vmfvVxwGg
legendary card - Ww48K3rpe
double rewards - Ri1wQMHK5
started pack - hrB0zpmho
reroll - RfFXnakqa
tokens - X8fx63dPF
shield - PVjpi54L5
upgrade spell - KJjwNYvQr
admin panel - BRemPokma
increase damage - 8prMr0xfI
evolve - llOjq3QQJ

Protect The Realm use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The realm has fallen on hard times. Some say the king has become cursed. Seizing their opportunity, denizens of evil invade to plunder the realm. Only a few loyal defenders remain. We must prevail against all odds. Protect the monarch! If it take too much damage from enemy attack your run will come to an end. Enemies have invaded your realm! Enemies enter at the lowest floor and move up one floor each turn. f they reach the top they will attack your Monarch. Summon units to defend! Unit cards cost mana and can be played once per battle. Your hero card has no cost. Summon a unit by dragging it onto any of the three floors on the left side of your screen. A colored target will appear to indicate a valid spot. Floors have limited space. You may summon up to 2 units and 1 support unit on any floor. Your Monarch permanently fills one of the two unit slots on the top floor. Continue using your cards as mana allows. Then press end turn.

Protect The Realm Hack Basics trucos

When you end turn, combat is resolved from top floor to the bottom in order. Units with fast attack first, then the enemy units second, and your units last. Once combat is finished, each enemy will advance up one floor until the reach the top floor. Cast your spells! Your deck is made up of unit and spell cards. Spells are played once for their effect and go into the discard pile to be recycled. Tap and hold on a card to read its effect, then try playing it. Defeat the boss to win the battle. The bastion ability means combat on a floor will repeat until the unit with it is destroyed. Start a new game, and defeat all the invading bosses in a run to protect the realm.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - rSpcpBsrq
level up - 7cDyI63Qq
daily pack - enter pass LtFYVjY9x
admin account - Y0kk8wBgS
Month Card x1 - XQ1oTIqMW
booster pack - h1HeGyaEb
evolve - H5HJWUMTI
enhance - WUFzMvl7z
Glossary: duplicate - spawn an adjacent copy of unit if there is space. Consume - remove card for the remainder of combat. Reflect - deal received damage back to attacker. Lose 1 charge on each use. Lifesteal - heal for damage dealt. Lose 1 charge on each use. Regeneration - after combat, restore health based on current charge amount. Charge amount reduced by 1 on each use. Teleport - after combat, unit moves to the back of a random lower floor, then loses 1 charge. Conceal - cannot be attacked, loses 1 charge next combat round after attacking.

Protect The Realm Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Upgrade your cards in the most customisable way imaginable! Upgrades can augment any card in your deck, and are written in to their text permanently.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: reroll, tokens, legendary card, shield, restore HP, upgrade spell, increase damage, evolve, boss stage, beginner pack, gem, gold
3. Employ your forces to hold back the tide of invaders! Mystery events between battles keep you on your toes and offer you opportunities to enhance your deck.

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