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gems - use hack IF8AVQAUU
diamonds - DcIgZA5Xl
cash - tBu3W2EPr
red contact - ZI9KtrZZU
enhance - RSFm3MDho
evolve - sWKRJ5RBc
legendary member - vccpz3bxP
tokens - VKngk5fTl
keys - 4e5IzjejZ
speed up - j3UPov2d3
aliance box - 6cnoc6gnQ
craft materials - qqZxdU985
promotion - Rxi9DEMBu
VIP 15 - rGhI4onnf
all resource - nqYEO3ugl

Puzzle Heist use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Looks like Marco's really got guys mad! Get ready for a fight! Match 3 of the same symbol vertically. Vertically matched tiles will all hit the same enemy in one column. Match 3 of the same symbol horizontally. Horizontally matched tiles will hit enemies across multiple columns. We've got what we came for, let's get out of here. I've got some tricks left to throw them off. Match 4 symbols to make a bomb, and tap it. Match 5 symbols to make a gem. We'll regroup at the base. To stand any chance of rescuing Hank and the crew we'll need to establish a new HQ. First we need a steady income stream so let's build a business to generate cash. Skipping wait time usually costs gems but for now it's free.

Puzzle Heist Hack Basics trucos

Now the cash is staring to flow, we should build a cash vault to keep it safe. Remember to visit the bar occasionally to collect the cash. Now that we're back on our feet, we should start chasing down leads on where Jericho took Hank and the crew. Jericho appeared in Harbor city a few months back and started taking over everything. He's heavily armed and has lot of cash to throw around. He won't be easily beaten. To defeat him need a strong crew. It's time for you to meet Jimmy. Contacts: daily - random crew member. Epic crew contact - guaranteed rare, epic and legendary crew member. Red contact - increased chance for legendary units Red crew members only. I can get you a new crew member for free each day. Don't be a stranger.
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade - GOpGyxXnl
level up - stfzKBzNW
daily pack - enter pass OzMuNRBNs
admin account - TowJzC47c
Month Card x1 - r5R56dtoN
booster pack - FHKShp300
If we're going to expand our territory we need to upgrade our HQ. Upgrading the HQ will provide room to construct new buildings at certain levels. We can'r rely on Jimmy for all our crew members, we could do with somewhere to train our recruits into valuable crew members. We'll need to find some recruits to start training. Let's keep taking over territory to attract more recruits for our crew. Maybe we can find out what Jericho's plans are too.

Puzzle Heist Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The number next to each enemy's health bar indicates how many turns until they attack.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, cash, speed up, red contact, legendary member, tokens, keys, craft materials, promotion
3. Each tile you fire at an enemy will add charge to the special attack of crew members of that color. Fill a crew member's special bar to be able to trigger their special skill. Ue special skills when they are ready.
4. Colors effect how much damage you do with attacks. Try attacking the green enemy with blue tiles. Blue attacks against green enemies are weak and only deal half the damage. Now, try attacking the green enemy with red tiles. Red attacks against green enemies are strong and deal double damage. The diagram in the top left of the screen shows each colors strengthenes and weaknesses.
5. Find recruits by competing missions and then use them to train crew in the gym.

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Puzzle Heist Redeem code - premium gift box

1. Cc40Btv1lK4hAgZ
2. 4hjY3SIvT6a9VYx
3. QTudW70k3Jl7Cqw
4. Y03aTjkdsJeSW1e
5. kgix1RopIOj7aqd
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