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Game story

Hi there! I hear you're the magic academy's most outstanding graduate. As a mage of the kingdom, you'll face great danger. Are you ready? This moving magic line is the line that will ignite the magic orbs, but it alone cannot cast magic. Defeating monsters will grant you energy, which will be automatically transformed into magic orbs. When they touch the magic line, magic attack will be released. Magic orbs of the same level and color can be merged. The higher their level, the greater their attack. Merging magic orbs of the same color into the corresponding column of the mage of that color can inflict additional damage.

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Each magic has a different attack effect. Lightning magic can damage multiple targets and prioritize those with less health points. FIre magic can deal area attack. Water magic reduces the monster's movement speed and dispels their buffs. Wind magic can knockback monsters and intercept their chant skill. Earth magic focuses on single targets and deal damage over time. When the battle starts, you have grey magic orbs which cannot be merged and has lower attack power.
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Each magic attack will increase the mage's magic energy which can be released for a special skill when it is full by tapping o the mage. In battle, you can get items to increase the levels of your mage and magic orbs. Each level increases magic damage. Equipment increases a mage\s overall strength, but first we must acquire them. You can use forge to acquire powerful equipment. To do that, we need 3 equipment of the same type and grade.

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1. Equipping the same equipment on different mages will have different effects based on their element.
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3. Characters: Simon the blazing flame - do not be deceived by his petite flame. Simon is a powerful elder born from a valcana over a thousand years ago. Despite his age, he still maintains a playful heart and seems to be problem free, except when his beard catches fire. Jorja the raging lightning - a girl born from the clouds who carries the blood of a deity and possesses the ability to control fightning elementals. Jorja treasures her hair more than anything, but it refuses to stay tamed, thus constantly giving her bad hair days. The prince of darkness - summons a shadow tornado which engulfs every living thing and shouds the land in darkness.

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