Cheats hack Puzzles & Survival code:advanced recruit, evolve, enhance, speed up, diamonds, talent, resources Puzzles & Survival Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Puzzles & Survival hack cheat code List

advanced recruit - use hack PDXGaGu14
daily pack - enter pass hZe1bEGpu
evolve - g0sXFwDMy
enhance - 2szIOcRZT
booster pack - 518MOcBcN
diamonds - EeDyYMReU
Month Card x1 - 3w1kOopYA
upgrade - GarJj5VFZ
daily gift bag x10 - 1Ydlrjv4p
secret combination code - Dukn3npX6
talent - nCFygKTkp
speed up - cfHPCfNeC
off ad - 4B6nkUvnV
weekly box - pVPy227Uy
resources - JQ40IQjJA
VIP15 - 4LIcPZ3dx
frame - GniARcnrX
shield - zmZtuoFM4
level up - 24HdZbe2a
antiserum - y3YTIrsZC
alliance box - gcU5dGHzW
legendary heroes - JEMJNNG6v

Puzzles & Survival use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

It was been 3 months since the outbreak swept over the world and turned almost all human beings into zombies. We ventured the zombie infested city to look for survivors and bring them back to our sanctuary. A massive horde of zombies encroaches upon us. Their growls are getting closer and closer. By a hair's breadth, we managed to escape and flew back to the sanctuary. The horde attacks from all corners. We have no choice but to keep fighting. If we fall, everyone will be.

Puzzles & Survival Hack Basics

These walls and fences can't hold off the zombies forever. Fortifying the sanctuary is our first priority and that requires a lot of resources. We were building facilities to produce resources but some zombies took over the site. Match 4 tiles to create a grenade, 5 - a stun grenade. Tap to use the grenade. Battle style advantage can greatly affect your damage dealt. When using cal-style to attack brave style foes, you can only deal half the damage. When using rash to attack brave style foes, you can deal double damage. You can consult the top left button to learn more. Develop your sanctuary and recruit more heroes when you can.

Hint & Tips

1. With antiserum, we can improve our heroes' strength. When a hero reaches the max level, the evolution function will be available.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: advanced recruit, evolve, enhance, speed up, diamonds, talent, resources, level up, VIP15, frame, shield, antiserum, alliance box, legendary heroes
3. Buildings: Infirmary - where your wounded units are healed. Upgrade to increase capacity. Bootcamp - a facility to improve training speed and capacity. Headquarters - upgrade to unlock more buildings. Warehouse - where your resources are stored.
4. We can use speedup items to finish the construction instantly.

Puzzles & Survival Hack tools Version:


Puzzles & Survival Redeem gift code

1. Jh9miGtpQFsSKFr
2. uX53wZ1JhRTVhhR
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4. tW2jT1IzflaSGE2
5. VzOCKdzSAE0TqlD
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