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Game story

If dimensional crystal is shining, it means the 'gate' is in danger. Gate is where every dimension is connected, and the only passage to the dimensional core. Remember, you're the last heir to our tribe, who can access the 'gate'. With your ability to visit the homeland through the 'gate', even though not for long. You must solve the mysteries of every ruin, and stabilize floating island where the dimensional core is stored. So this is the "terminal" where every place is connected. By the way, the dimensional core is shining red - it's extremely unstable. I've got to open the portals of every ruin to stabilize it. I hope it holds together until then. That portal over there must be connected to another region.

QV The Dimension Painter Hack Basics

Drag the screen to move to the target. Press and hold "b" to move faster. Press "b" to open the door to the ruin. Move to the target. Push the cube with @. The cube moves to the direction you're looking. When a portal is already drawn, you can press "b" to erase it. Press "@" to draw a portal. When two portals are paired, they become a passageway. Enter the portal to move to the target. Step on the button to activate the dimensional crystal.

Hint & Tips

1.Find three fairies hidden in each stage. To catch the fairies, press @ and swing your brush.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: free version, secret combination, premium account, skins, pets, wings, hard mode, boss stage
3. Activating crystal of memory saves the current game progress. Push the cube and continue playing.
4. Use Ink Pot to dip your brush in Ink. Cross before the ink is gone. THe ink pot looks different depending on the amount of ink. Take the sky blue warp to travel around.

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