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Race Battle Run faster Win closer hack cheat code List

action points - use hack 0rBOU9wxB
daily pack - enter pass EUot4BYcH
SSR character - L7h1JmR3G
overclocker - f2N9LT53H
booster pack - 9OcLcoV4R
DP - XNJNFn9y1
Month Card x1 - xVvqgOL25
golden voucher - 8l06PoF09
daily gift bag x10 - HHITqtmfD
boarding ID - 9wLOzGup4
connector - nkwKonM4Z
bundle pack - p6D0ZPjoX
upgrade - MjzYRXLhq
level up - zCqVEfGAn
unlock all golden stamp rewards - uaImyUKWF

Race Battle Run faster Win closer use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

D.C 2083, with the invention of the DHD, wireless connections between brains were made possible. Phones, computers and all electronic devices have all become things of the past. People can access information on the dimension network simply through their minds. D.C 2085, the DHD was found to take a devastating toll on the brain. The same year, the DHD was banned outright and DHD researchers were arrested. This technological breakthrough was called the 'brain revolution'. The battleground of race battle where starcatchers fight each other.

Race Battle Run faster Win closer Hack Basics

The enemy is in the red zone. Blue - this is an HP bar, when it reaches 0, you lose. During the running phase, all characters move forward at the same speed. Units must reach the finish line to act. Role who get hit will be knocked back. First, attack the enemy taking the lead. The role is divided into: paper, scissor, and rock. Morra when two roles get to the goal line at the same time. Wait for teammates to use unison. Multi roles arrived, the num of roles to decide!

Hint & Tips

1. Only who reach the goal line can act. Good position could help you to convert defeat into victory.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: action points, SSR character, overclocker, DP, golden voucher, boarding ID, connector, bundle pack, unlock all golden stamp rewards
3. Be stronger without hard work. There are many ways to strengthen your favorite characters and levels.

Race Battle Run faster Win closer Hack tools Version:


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1. wylCp0Emdy6EXm4
2. F9k409r5NpUTzxi
3. EwfVmmQeQ4G7Pcw
4. 2J4sFBTLW1oGyus
5. C6CWIWnAnsuw05I
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