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Game story

Welcome to the monster truck challenge! This tutorial will show you how to control the monster truck and complete the challenge. How to complete the challenge: the aim of the challenge is to pass the finish gate in the fastest time possible, faster times unlock better medals. The timer will start when the monster truck passes the first gate. Go through the gates in order, if you miss a gate you will need to go back to pass through it. Use the left joystick to control the torque sent to the monster truck wheels. Drag the controller right to go faster, and left to go in reverse.

Ragdoll Physics Playground Pro Hack Basics

The right controller is used to control the pitch of the car. Drag the controller up to pull the nose of the monster truck up, drag the controller down to pull it down. Useful when the car is in the air from a jump. The red button is the brake. Use this to slow when wheels are on the ground. Press the green button for a nitro boost, this will give a boost of forward momentum. There is a cool down on the boost and the button will not work until the cool down has expired. The cool down is set at 4 seconds for this challenge.

Hint & Tips

1. If you get stuck or want to try again before crossing the finis line, use the rest button to reset the challenge back to the start.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold medals, off ad, full version (free)6 premium models, VIP content, new 2021 mode, leve up, unlock exclusive monster truck
3. Timing of the nitro boost and nailing the landing of any jumps are the keys to getting the best time.

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