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Game story

We had such plans for this world. Our earth so mercifully cleansed by the meteor they named Apophis. We had such plans...All thwarted by one man, Nicholas Raine. With the push of a button, our future was ended. The arks emerged, the Ecopods came tumbling down, all premature. Pouring life back into the barren lands, starting the cycle of life anew, as we had planned to do with our own species. Our plans were thwarted by the naive and arrogant masses. The cleansing of our weakened species was hindered. Our aid, selfishly refused, they chose their own pitiful existence over the future of the breed. Such hubris, they through us defeated. We let them believe us defeated. But we moved underground. We watched their petty squabbles, their meaningless turf wars, their childish attempts at order from chaos. We watched their squabbles, their meaningless turf wars, their childish attempts at order from chaos, and we grew strong. Our science, our expertise, all aligned, all with one sole purpose. The surgical culling of the weak. Man reborn! We tear down their defenses. We take their compounds! We take the Arks. We raze their settlements and townships to the ground. Tonight marks the beginning of the cleansing. Tonight marks the rebirth of the Authority!

RAGE 2 Hack Basics

Pick up feltrite cells from fallen enemies to regenerate health. Keep in mind that feltrite cells are highly unstable though and will dissolve if not picked up quickly enough. If you've taken a lot of damage, use a health infusion to regain vitality. Tap Y to quickly switch between recently used weapons or hold Y to access the full loadout. The wingstick is a versatile and deadly gadget that can be used in combination with your other weapons. Use grenades to deal massive damage and even take out multiple hostiles that are huddled together. Hold LB to focus and highlight enemies and objects of tactical importance. Using focus also attracts nearby feltrite to you. Arks are extremely valuable and can contain both ARK weapons and nanotrite abilities. Search for arks across the wasteland to become more powerful. Approach the ARK, face the door and use focus by holding LB to open it. As a ranger, the nanotrites inside you give you special abilities. These nanotrite abilities are activated by using LB. Tap LB to dash in any chosen direction L to dodge incoming attacks and throw off your enemy's aim.

Hint & Tips

1. Projects screen - here you are able to purchase projects using points that you have earned. Projects give a large variety of benefits. Each of your allies have their own set of projects that are unlocked by working with them. These projects will benefit you in all aspects of the game and are purchased by using project points that you earn by completing locations and activities out in the wasteland.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: project points, vehicle, weapons, equipment, off reload, ark chests, cash, feltrite, premium gear, tokens
3. Complete locations and activities tied to kill and destroy to earn more operation power for Marshall's operation. Doing so will also earn you project points which can be used to purchase projects.
4. The first project that you can purchase unlocks the vehicles menu. It will also reward you with your very own combat vehicle - the Phoenix. The vehicles menu gives access to vehicle upgrades and allows you to call in a vehicle whenever you need one.

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