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Rage of Destiny Game story

The Gods held immense power. Every God believed they were the ruler of the world. Blinded by their arrogance, they fought and fell apart. Divided into celestials and demons, they were always at war. The stars disappeared, and only darkness remained. Mortals suffered as monsters ravaged the world. In this fallen world, heroes rise up. One day, they will take destiny in their own hands. The Gods fear that day - the rage of destiny. The calamity of the Gods has arrived! The whole continent is in peril! To save the world, we must take on the world.

Rage of Destiny Hack Basics trucos

Jessica is an exceptional witch. Place her at the right spot and unleash a powerful AOE magic attack at enemies. It is natural to lose in battle. Receive the hang up reward in the treasure chest, upgrade the hero level, wear better equipment, and challenge again to win the victory. Enter the newly summoned orange legendary heroes, let's save this world eroded by evil together.

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Faction bonus: deploy 5 heroes of the same faction to grant all allies powerful attribute bonuses. Celestial heroes can be seen as any faction (except demons) in a formation. Demons will not activate formations, but the number of demons in the team will increase the number of buffs that allies receive. If you have 2 or more elite+ or higher rank mythic heroes with the same name, the one with the lower rank can be reverted.

Rage of Destiny Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The purifying spring can reset a hero's level, lowering all their attributes to their initial values, and refunding all the resources already spent on upgrading the hero.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Rage of Destiny cheat code - give: exclusive frames, legendary hero, pool ticket, rally hero chest, premium equipment, gold, diamonds, speed up, off ads, treasure chest, promotion
3. Resetting will return your hero to the default level and refund all the resources used.
4. You can dismiss normal heroes for dismissal coins. You will also receive all the resources already spent on upgrading the hero. After the severance is complete, the hero's equipment and consumed resources will be returned to the backpack.

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