Cheats hack Rage of Dragons code:gold, amrita, mount pack, rune warrant, super rune essence, companion pack, imp, cherub Rage of Dragons Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Rage of Dragons hack cheat code List

purple pneuma - use S5hOdcNzh
forge blueprint - GIIBgrzKd
secret combination - GqcCuYsCP
vip warrant - Tu7bPRwoE
double rewards - 7kOujMcT7
reforge brimcrystal - UxU0IyPoH
double exp potion - AYF0EqRJd
gold - l7daIX6jk
amrita - 7Dd3vxEHm
admin panel - l8p4jcd9U
mount pack - wsVY3Bw8b
rune warrant - use nRfBArgJD
super rune essence - GCLR8bvGL
companion pack - use E655PkwZX
imp - 8mpglJrtz
cherub - AcS6GxmUZ
clan order - O6OHN5IuN
white romance, - aAtBkgGIw
reindeer lovechant - xSKUnwjsT
diamonds - LJYD0GbUe
supreme vip permanent card - DsWvigSzA
title - use R92knA61o
cosmetics - RNU2vH7zn
talent - oFDK7nWaY
companion glyph - 03VxnqEd2

Rage of Dragons use cheats
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Game story

Are you the champion? Thank heavens! The evernight army have laid siege to the ruins of chaos ina bid to set up a portal and take down sunlight town. This is te land where the goddess sleeps. It was isolated from the outside world, but the revenant army came invading from nowhere. As the champion, you must be able to awaken the Goddess. Please wake her up before the revenant army mess up everything. Then go ge the arcane crystal and help Dubine the royal wizard build a barrier. With the barrier, we shall be able to defeat the army. I've got you an assistant. He will show you the directions.

Rage of Dragons Hack Basics trucos

Archer - she's from the Elf forest, which advocates the power of nature. This elegant girl has magnificent archery skills which can hit enemies at a long distance. Dual Wielder - she is from the destroyed mech city. The mechanical civilization was well developed and another race covered and destroyed it. Although it lost its eyesight in the war, it obtained the mechanical duel wielder power which can cause huge damage. Wizard - he's from the Ivory tower of Glowing city. This brilliant lad who knows a lot about magic and believes that knowledge is power. Warrior - he's from an orc tribe - the weeping desert. Sharp tusks are his symbol.

enter cheat (Rage of Dragons gift codes):
upgrade trucos - HoBdU1rEa
level up - 4HHketGeZ
daily pack - enter pass 7XOOU74lB
admin account - QosFvyFwH
Month Card x1 - t1NYIpmhy
booster pack - JRTiHkbDR
evolve - tHQ9Um4bEELIgHNP7j
enhance - xYTjT9rNX
Equipment: you can equip an item in two ways: drag the item to the desired slot, which will be highlighted when you start moving, or by double clicking. There are two slots for weapons. Two handed weapons (axes, bows, staffs) occupy both slots. You can put on two one-handed weapon (swords, daggers), but you need to look for both the left and right hands. Hammers and shields are only for one hand. two one-handed weapons will give an additional attack area in combat, a shield will give an additional block are in combat.

Rage of Dragons Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Companion EXP pill - used at the companion menu to increase companion's EXP.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: deluxe chest, purple pneuma, forge blueprint, vip warrant, reforge brimcrystal, double exp potion, gold, amrita, mount pack, rune warrant, super rune essence, companion pack, imp, cherub, clan order, white romance, reindeer lovechant, diamonds, supreme vip permanent card, title, cosmetics, talent, companion glyph
3. Identical red divine souls cna be combined. There's a chance to obtain amazing tier 9 equipment from active hunt.
4. Unlocking VIP 12 grants you exclusive privileges. Now is the time to rule the world.

Rage of Dragons Hack tools Version:


Rage of Dragons Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

1. QHufOi8MIBj60Iz
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6. PXQEMd9gVaDajOQ
7. ornoYjJMZugAEvu
8. 4qBYA9xEyZp63sh
9. BmWkyKWU3tsiD6J
10. U1AWNkbZUdSn5nj
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