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Rage Of Titans Game story

The world is in a mess, and there are ruined walls everywhere... The old order has been broken, and a new order needs to be established. All great civilizations begin with great choices, and you, as the monarch, will lead your people where to go. Not good, not good, more and more victims are coming to our territory. Benevolent monarch, start a disaster relief activity for the flooding victims, so as to calm their fearful hearts.

Rage Of Titans Hack Basics trucos

Dear monarch, your kindness has won the hearts of the victims, and they are willing to stay and develop your territory together. Farm produce food. Maintaining troops also cost masses of Foods. Upgrade Farms to increase Food production. Sawmill produce Wood. Upgrade Sawmills to increase Wood Production. Quarry produce Stone. Food, iron, wood and stone are essential resource for construction and research. Very good, the food in territory will continue to grow. City Hall reaches level 12 to unlock the equipments.

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Next we need some houses to settle residents. The territory has regained some vitality. The next development of the territory will require a lot of wood. Build a logging yard for emergencies. As the population of the territory increases, we need some heroes to manage the territory. I heared that the Temple of War can unlock the heroes and build a Temple of War. Yes, quickly unlock a hero.

Rage Of Titans Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Congratulations to the lord for completing the phase tasks and getting rewards. Go try a power of the new hero. It's time to expand the territory. The Elder's House is the center of the territory. Let's start with the Elder's House.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Rage Of Titans cheat code - give: silver, food, wood, stone, iron, silver, morale, people, unlimited resources, legendary hero, fragments, speed up, rare summon x10, vip, gold, stamina energy.
3. Well, train some miners first. The development of the territory is inseparable from the support of heroes.
4. We need more heroes. I heard that it can be summoned through the temple. Try to summon the heroes. Legendary Hero Fragments guaranteed after 10 Summons!
5. Compensate to increase people's morale, decrease complaint.

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Rage Of Titans Redeem code - premium gift box 21.06.2021

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