Cheats hack Ragnarok poring merge code:diamonds, auto merge, off ad, ruby, legendary hero, fragments, gold, clove Ragnarok poring merge Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Ragnarok poring merge hack cheat code List

diamonds - use hack Rzxpk1zm2
daily pack - enter pass vxHM92m26
auto merge - tCZu9WKT6
off ad - nUr6XKIPj
booster pack - xxvX4Bzf3
game speed x10 - ez7654ZKP
Month Card x1 - y2FjBwVIq
ruby - CKzOtviOI
daily gift bag x10 - N1GU8ls7J
secret combination code - VOGPexlSl
legendary hero - XvCYNvYrm
materials - eOa4odZI0
spiteful fragments - ECMZVV9TK
upgrade - 2PbXu39KK
level up - U9y4nXWig
gold - d1NI8nd75
scout x10 - oHPPeuH3g
clove - zumwvF9E2
activity points - HKgiTPltv

Ragnarok poring merge use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Alert! Enemies intruding! We must stop them right now! It's no use! More of them are swarming in! Retreat to the training ground. Try summoning Porings. They outnumber us. We need more Porings. Summoned units immediately enter the battle. Wow, you merged angel Porings and created a hero! Take out enemies with the help of a powerful hero! Send a hero into the battlefield. A powerful Poring merge formula. Time to research! Let's go to the party window to level up heroes. Press level up to upgrade the unit to level 31 or higher.

Ragnarok poring merge Hack Basics

Characters: Knight - smash: deals damage equal to 100% of attack to an enemy, and for 12 seconds, reduces enemy's defense by 15% and deals burn damage every second. Whitesmith - wheel wind: deals damage to an enemy and reduces enemy's defense by 25% for 10 seconds. Orc lord - combo attack: stun enemy and reduce enemy's attack by 10% for 10 seconds. Orc's will - deals damage equal to 6% of damage received to ana enemy. Spirit stike - deals damage equal to 105% of attack to ana enemy, and for 12 seconds, reduces enemy's defense by 15% and deals burn damage. Bongun - cast stun: stun enemy for 3 seconds. Phantasmal attack - increases caster's attack. Spear stab - deals damage equal to 115% and for 8 seconds reduce opponent's defense and deals burn damage every second.

Hint & Tips

1. Level 11 archangel Porings can obtain a higher grade hero than level 10 angel Porings. Take out enemies with the help of a powerful hero!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: diamonds, auto merge, off ad, game speed x10, ruby, legendary hero, materials, spiteful fragments, gold, scout x10, clove
3. Auto create units - the system allows characters to enter the battle automatically every 6 seconds, and merge every 3 seconds. Altar - you can proceed with unit summoning here. You can summon units 3 times for free and also purchase more summoning opportunities.
4. You can gain great rewards by completing repeat missions. Keep that in mind.

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Ragnarok poring merge Redeem code - premium gift box

1. UBkTx5v6OPddoqO
3. ivNxBLH99CwQdPQ
5. BYFW314O2L3bad7
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