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Raid Heroes Game story

Hey you! I hope you know your classics, we don't have time to lose. Remember those three badass heroes? They defeated the Arggoth a lon time ago... The Arggoth was made of spirits. After it blew up in battle, the spirits fell down on earth and became what you call...Artefacts. The three badass heroes? Well, you know the story...they just vanished. Since then, the Artefacts are kind of your best friends, aren't they? Washing, cooking. brawing beers... They made your life a living paradise. But party's over, dude. evil forces are back. Some artefacts are starting to rebel. Don't worry, wizard... I'm not going to be a problem. I'm the nicest artefact you'll ever meet! Join our Discord to find friends and groups to play with!

Raid Heroes Hack Basics trucos

Enough chatting, wizard, go fight these ugly little goblins. Use offensive spells to damage and defeat them! Auto Move, Auto Attack - Your bravely will automatically drive you to the enemies. Burn them with your fireball! It will deal damage for a short period. Use your Meteorite to destroy entire groups. You can focus your allies to help them! Brace yourself, fighter! Your strength and resistance will protect your allies. You can change your character and job at any time. You can change your job anytime you want in the game menu. Come back every day and claim your rewards!

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - QSZnHjqP1
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daily pack Raid Heroes cheat - enter pass pOBwJdbaV
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Spells: Intimidating Spin - Inflicts 6 damage to enemies, taunts them and slows down their attack and movement speed. Can inflict additional damage. Shield Bash - Smashes the enemy with your shield dealing 8 damage. Intimidating Spin - Deals 6 damage to all enemies, within 3,5 meters, taunting them for 5 seconds. Enemies that were hit also have their attack and movement speed slowed down for 3 seconds. Using the QTE will trigger an additional 6 damage to enemies that were hit by the spell. Boss Raids provide equipments, Elite raids job medals and Standart raids resources!

Raid Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Don't forget to take your daily free chest in the shop.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Raid Heroes cheat code - give: epic chest, equipment, legendary starter pack, special bundles, medals, crystals, gold, keys, heroes, treasure chest, materials, artifact, runes
3. Fight basic creatures of the forest. Earn resources to upgrade your equipment! Upgrade your equipments and spells to keep up with more dangerous monsters. The daily raid is endless and changes every day. Great rewards can be obtained, even more with friends!
4. You can use shards or resources found in raids to level up your equipment.
5. Every time you level up, your key stock gets refilled!

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Raid Heroes Redeem code - premium gift box 23.07.2021

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