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Raid Masters hack cheat code List

materials - use 30LwEQ9d2
off ads - IiaNBbTA7
secret combination - E0SjG6hrc
gem - YpHFuaeHF
double rewards - QgLZtZupT
enhance stone - L0pXVqf4u
magic stone - kf3RZVVrw
master growth - tYSTZTpwf
starter package - txiuIqEXh
admin panel - hbBDsQ7fI
outfit - f11vJ7Iar
summon x10 - use 6dU9iL2kM
ruby - EQAi85mOM
gold - 4HXFHITO1
tickets - HN1y4rjt6
revival feather - vDJamk5z7
durability stabilize - use rVyKb5rXl
raffle chest - Hz6tzPsfH
soul stone - VdUpv5Bm7

Raid Masters use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

You can drag your finger across the screen to move the master. Go to the marked location. Tap the attack button on the right to attack an enemy in range. Tap the attack button repeatedly for a combo attack. The final attack in a combo is stronger. Tap a skill button to use each master's unique skills. Skills can be used again after cooldowns. Some exclusive skills can be activated in the desired direction using an aiming line. Drag your finger to the X on the right to cancel the skill.

Raid Masters Hack Basics trucos

Use exclusive skills to fill an ultimate gauge. When the gauge is fully filled, the ultimate button is activated. An ultimate is a strong attack that can turn the tide of battle. Be sure to use it at the right moment. In addition to their close range attacks, enemies in raid masters use various types of ranged attacks. Strong enemies have attacks that show their range. Be careful, these kinds of attacks are very dangerous.

enter cheat (Raid Masters gift codes):
upgrade trucos - dZ6H6X7yX
level up - jqvrZqBGv
daily pack - enter pass MtMS37VeX
admin account - xeObgN0C8
Month Card x1 - aGu9WTWFS
booster pack - hqPAJFA3y
evolve - OdC67vKg5
enhance - cJy4pOFR4
If you cannot evade an attack through normal movement, try a roll. Break the magic stone to earn rewards. Summon master - summon a random master or obtain soul stones. If you already own the master, you will receive soul stones instead. Skills: swing - swings the hammer, dealing physical damage. Indomitability - slowly awakens the hidden power of indomitability.

Raid Masters Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Soul stone - summons or upgrades hero. Has a low chance to be obtained at the training dungeon, or can be purchased from the shop.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Raid Masters cheat code - give: gem, materials, enhance stone, magic stone, master growth, outfit, summon x10, ruby, gold, tickets, revival feather, durability stabilize, raffle chest, soul stone
3. You can form an expedition with friends to go on an epic monster raid or play different game modes by yourself!

Raid Masters Hack tools Version:


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