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Raid Wars Game story

Welcome player, I am Dalt, your guide. I will be teaching you the basics so you can start on your own. Let's start by summoning a hero. Click on summon. Choose C-Hero soul to start summoning. Click on summon to try and summon a hero. Congratulations, you summoned your first hero, lets add it to the lineup and battle. Choose the hero you just summoned. Click on battle to fight. In battle your team will attack automatically, attacking and getting attacked recharges the blue and green orbs. Each hero requires a specific amount of orbs to use its skill. Once it's met you can cast its skill. Skill can be used multiple times in the same turn.

Raid Wars Hack Basics trucos

Additionally you can switch to auto and decide which heroes to auto use their skills once possible. Battle will start now. Defeat poison king to gain poison orbs, poison king damages your heroes whenever they attack, and the damage increases as the battle goes on. Battle ends at round 10. Congratulations, you won your first battle, let's go level-up your hero. Click on level up to leve up your hero. That's it for the tutorial, if you feel lost feel free to check discord (link in the settings) or click on the help button.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - 7IEnPDA43
level up code - mn7Ss3uT9
daily pack Raid Wars cheat - enter pass VcEZTJn94
admin account - yXJi6TRR0
Month Card x1 - yb3ruLQD4
booster pack - 4eOTCsbOi
evolve - KDVpfEflU
enhance - FLNyXp1a3
Skills: Ancient Automaton - Deal 120% of attack to an enemy and increase crit by 10%. Heal by 10% of maximum health every turn. Cronomancer - Deal 80% of attack to all enemies and reduce their anticrit by 20%. Increase crit by 20% at the start of the battle. Skoll - On death increase all allies attack by 70% but reduce their defense by 50%. Radulac - Deal 75% os attack to an enemy and increase all allies attack. Increase speed by 5% every turn.

Raid Wars Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. By buying the super raid pass you ca obtain up to: c, b, a, s hero souls, ultimate tickets and more!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Raid Wars cheat code - give: super raid pass, quick idle, hero soul, ultimate ticket, silver, tokens, rebirth, mystery coins, starter pack, offline rewards, s orb, legendary hero, promotion, vip status
3. Each level awards 3 additional points to the basic stats. These stats determine what type of item you can wear. Each major stat automatically increases some of the minor stats. You can get acquainted with them by clicking the minor stats button in the character window.
4. If you decide to change your role in the game and want to reset your stats, click reset stats.

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