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Raising Infinite Swords use cheats
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Game story

Hello! Welcome, new adventurer! I'm cheat-on, supporter of adventurers at the guild. First things first, let me tell you how to fight by summoning swords. Swords are produced automatically and can be summoned by touching the sword produce button at the bottom. Now you can attack monsters with many swords. You can give as much damage as the number of swords summoned. Now, we will merge summoned swords. Select a sword and drag it to the same sword or touch it twice quickly. So, do you feel more power? You can make stronger swords by summoning and merging. Do you want to summon more swords? You can increase the maximum number of summoned swords by following me. Don't be afraid to try!

Raising Infinite Swords Hack Basics

Study: expand sword limit - increase maximum number of swords summoned. Shorten sword produce time - shortens the time it takes to produce new items. Remember - produce, summon, merge! I still have a lot of explain, but i'll tel you find out on your own through the adventure guide. Here, take it and have a look. The guide is for new trainers, so it won't be hard to understand. Shall we start our adventure? Open world map popup on the top left part of the screen. You can challenge various dungeons from the world map. You can also gain resources, costume, equipment, and magic book. When you return home, you will return to stage 1 and earn honor points accordingly. Honor points can be used in the relic menu and guild shop.

Hint & Tips

1. You can increase the number of swords produced, making it easier to summon more swords.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: off limit, enhance, awaken, produce, merge, speed up, diamonds, honor points, off ads, gold, stone
3. You can deal stronger damage to monsters by increasing attack power.
4. If you achieve certain enhance level, a new penetration skill will be active.
5. You can raise your adventurer level with the honor points earned by returning home. Honor points can be used at the guild shop, to enhance magic book, and to buy and enhance national treasure.

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