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Rambo Strike Force Game story

The battle's never over Rambo, you said it yourself. I ain't leading your resistance. We lost everything back in Paris. The Iron order had you in a trap. You did what you could, but the day wasn't yours to win. And you're telling me this will be different? People have suffered under tyranny for decades. They're ready to rise. They need a symbol of hope. A hero. That ain't me anymore. For twenty years, I tried to fight my way back to somewhere that doesn't exist. Not for me. Then you stand behind someone who can still see that place. Help them protect it. Make it a home for those who believe in honor and defy corruption. If there's anyone who's capable of giving them a war beyond imagining, it's you Rambo. Live for nothing...or die for something. May heaven help them.

Rambo Strike Force Hack Basics trucos

New soldier, huh? You picked a hell of a day to join the Resistance. Come on, we're deplyoing to assist our commander. Tap on enemy unit to do damage to them. After a victory, open the Strikeforce Manager to call back the team and collect scavenged supplies. To change a squad member, tap on their icon. Activate shields to protect your base and resources from being plundered by the enemy. Tap on enemy to deal extra damage. Your sniping attacks hit harder as your level increases. Target vulnerable enemies to clear the battlefield faster. Send scout to explore a region.

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Let's switch out one of our heroes for Endo. Tap a hero to change formation assignments. Tap on enemy unit to do damage to them. Dune Raiders are particularly effective against New Militia. Position Briggs to maximize his tactical advantage. Complete research in your Armory to improve your troops, hero, base, and much more. New Militia Complex, Ardent Legion Hall and other buildings. Upgrade the Command Center to access new building plans and to stack facilities on higher tiers. Upgrade your base. Increase the level of your buildings to recruit stronger troops and unlock better tech. Don't neglet improvements. Each building provides a specific benefit to your forces from military strength and resource efficiency to guild.

Rambo Strike Force Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Join a guild to unlock special features like War Depots! Participate in Guild-only events, earn unique gifts to share with your guildmates, unlock Guild Bonuses to make your army more powerful - and MORE!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Rambo Strike Force cheat code - give: base shield, research, resources, speed up, premium troop, recruit, gold, silver, steel, oil, level 15 pack, 8395% value box, legendary hero
3. Sure, the odds might seem stacked against us, but we live day by day. Upgrade your New Militia Complex to bring in stronger troops. Keep upgrading and you'll stay one step ahead of your enemies.
4. Armies don't fund themselves. Collect resources from your Oil Refinery, Silver Mine, and Steel Mill. Upgrade those buildings to increase your resource collection rate. Upgrade your Oil Depot, Silver Vault, and Steel Yard to increase your storage. Resources can also be earned by completing objectives, collected with convoys, found in loot, and other areas.
5. You can access the overworld map by clicking on the map icon. From the overworld map, you'll be able to see guild allies, campaign locations, and much more. Click on the Flag Icon to focus on your base. Click the Overlay Icon to toggle useful zone information.
6. Scouting - Unexplored areas are covered by a fog of war. Tap on one of these areas to send scout planes to explore them and uncover resource deposits.
7. Leaderboards - Earn medals to rank on the global leaderboard by attacking bases and other activities. Ranking on the Leaderboard helps you secure valuable items. Move up in the rankings by exploring the world map, gathering resources.

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