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Random Busters use cheats
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Game story

Random 3 star buster summons on the map when the game starts. You can check the initial buff with account icon. You need to protect the guardian until the last wave. Try summons a buster by tap the "+" button. Can summon a buster by consuming soul point. Try summons a buster by consuming the remaining soul point. Starts the wave with play button. Can look for buster's information by touching. Drag and drop unit with same star to switch the position.

Random Busters Hack Basics

Can merge the busters with same star. Random hero with an increased star count summons upon merging. Casts a skill when the skill gauge is fully charged. Boss with special abilities features in every stage. Needs to summon stronger character. Unit's power level increase once you touch the portrait of unit. The reward is applied immediately once you complete the quest.

Hint & Tips

1. Characters: Pete - fires a pistol as many as Pete's stars and inflicting great damage to monster. DR. Neon - throws a poison flask delas damage over 3 seconds. Feng - fans to knockback the monsters away within a certain range. Veer - boosts the attack speed of bordering busters. Lay - blows a frozen paw to stun the monster. Tube - attacks with electric to monsters within a certain range.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: beginner pack, diamond soul pack, legend chest, keys, gold coins, VIP pass, game speed x10, premium card, diamonds
3. Purchase various items and goods from the daily special deal.
4. Busters attack the closest target in priority. Units with same star can switch out their positions.

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