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Random TD Game story

Finally, you're here, can you hold off the zombies attacking the base? Go with the training master to defend your base together! Every interval of time, the group of zombies will dispatch a random boss, so be prepared. This starting point will continuously spawn monsters, summon the Defense Tower to stop it from getting to the finish. Tap here to build a random tower. Killed monsters will appear on the opponent's battlefield. Continue tapping, every build will progressively consume more. Build at the end one time.

Random TD Hack Basics trucos

There are two towers of the same type with the same points on the battlefield, long press and drag one to the other to synthesize. One synthesized +1 point will be added, and the type will change randomly once. Ascent will increase abilities of all towers of this type. The amount of electric towers is currently the most, try ascending them. On the bottom right hand corner are the skills that are available to use. Use this and temporarily increase all tower damage. Not bad, now attack at will to defeat your opponent.

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upgrade trucos - V03xQCyzo
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daily pack cheat - enter pass EtefhWber
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Month Card x1 - PgiHkPNtF
booster pack - XV46xfVri
evolve - 9bpbGLXq3
enhance - cOwj6JjcG
We have prepared a set of training quests for novices. Let's go and check it out. Once you've completed the entire series of novice quests, legendary boxes can be opened. Be sure not miss it! Let's go check out the first quest. Different bosses have different exclusive skills.

Random TD Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Shoker - this inflicts electric damage to the targets as well as 2 monsters behind. When claiming victory in Battle Mode, profits gained will be increased by 20%.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Random TD cheat code - give: party chest, gold coins, premium tower, skills, vip chest, refresh, off ads, gems, speed up, increase attack speed, promotion
3. Cannon - This inflicts bomb damage to all target monsters within a 300 radius.
4. Venom - This poisons the target for a period of time, every second the target will suffer additional damage.
5. Upgrading towers can increase crit damage of all towers.
6. Once you use Lucky Star, there will be a posibility to increase extra points when synthesizing towers.

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Random TD Redeem code - premium gift box 17.07.2021

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