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ratizens - use n7cu0xHZD
off ads - 0kut7k0OM
secret combination - enOXfDzKr
gold#32;- pFBDasyj8
double rewards - l5S0mW14B
shield - cSWng28hH
restore HP - j5BYWJ7KM
premium cards - UwgQwK0wy
starter package - C6vYOlCXQ
admin panel - OB7jC7FMe
multiplayer mode - Suh3OMyoT
unlock leaders - use 19fI2Guuc
gems - xUje27zfw
towers - use fasm2dJTB

Ratropolis use cheats
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Game story

Ratropolis, the ancient metropolis granted us safety and prosperity. However, our greed bred more greed...In the end, a terrible experiment caused the apocalypse. Ratkind, once so great, were scattered into wilderness . We're the only ones who've made new settlements. From now one, we must protect the settlement. The abundant forest has given so much life to its occupants. That's why predators in the area are full and many in numbers. Increase pollution level by winning a game.

Ratropolis Hack Basics trucos

Characters: Merchant leader - a trader who accumulated tremendous wealth from trading in the past, but lost all his assets when the city was destroyed. However, his outstanding trade skills will be useful to make the city prosperous once again. Skills: Negotiator - allows you to change cards sold by card merchant if you haven't bought any from the current offer. Deal - discard 1 (+1 per leader level) random card (s) from your hand and gain 10% of your total gold per discarded card.

enter cheat (Ratropolis gift codes):
upgrade trucos - nJ3SLv4DU
level up - F37p8utML
daily pack - enter pass FV20wFNqt
admin account - AtKRUJbIK
Month Card x1 - tSjk136to
booster pack - qoHA9WC8o
evolve - a2ovWUxFJ
enhance - VYioj99jD
Cards: gather - +50 gold when discarded, +1 card. Cheese - +30 gold for every cheese card in your hand. Pottery = +10 gold for every card in your hand. Labor - after 50 seconds +60 gold. While a Labor is ongoing, the number of available ratizens is restricted until it is completed. Night watch - -10s to remaining service time whenever an adjacent ally dies. Fire station - -30% building reconstruct time. Defensive wall - construct a defensive wall with 400 max health points at the stump.

Ratropolis Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Service - deployed units will disappear when service time is over. Ephemeral - if you use or discard this card, it (or the applied effect on it) is removed from the deck. Armor - reduces incoming damage by the amount of armor.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: ratizens, gold, shield, restore HP, premium cards, multiplayer mode, unlock leaders, gems, admin panel, towers
3. Rear rank - attack enemies from behind the defensive wall. Tax - gold automatically acquired every 5 seconds. Hoard - the next re-draw, draw additional cards and reset hoard count to 0. Active - a building's unique ability is triggered when you click an icon that appears above the building.

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