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Game story

You start with three cards from your deck. To play a card, click once on it and then on the board to place it. The card have two values. The one on the left is the attack. The one on the right is the life of the card. Every five seconds there is a battle. All cards attack the card in front of them. If there are no cards in front, the cards attack the life of the opposing player. If your life reaches zero you lose the game. If you play one card on top of another, the first one is destroyed and returns to the deck. You can play cards at any time. Each turn you draw a card. Choose the moment to play it well, some have special abilities. Cards with abilities have a picture and a value in the middle. Abilities are released upon entering the field.

Raven Cards TCG Hack Basics trucos

PvP tower - defeat the other rivals to promote in the classification. At the top is the global ranking. At the bottom are rivals with victories similar to yours. Click on the "fight" button to challenge that rival. Each battle won will give you a victory point, if you lose you will accumulate losses. At the end of the month we will have the winners and the classification will be reset for a new tournament. Make deck - select a card from your deck. Select a card from your collection. Click change. Only one copy of each card.

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There are over 110 monster cards to collect, you can level them up and learn magic and skills. If you like tcg battle games, tcg card game and monster battle card games, you will love this fast card game. With your cards fight against the rivals and rise in the ranking in fast battles with strategy cards, magic, skills and very fast combats.

Raven Cards TCG Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The game is updated every little bit, we are developing many things and listening to the great community that is being formed.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: secret combination, gold coins, free spin the wheel, off ads, legendary card, rank up, emoji, starter pack, admin panel, evolve
3. In the next updates we will add the clans, 2 vs 2 fight events, tournaments with new rules, unique skins that will only appear in special events, new emotes, new fight modes and new worlds with special rules.

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