Cheats hack RC Racing 3D code:premium car, credits, off ad, nitro, points, rank up, unlock machines, skins, vip RC Racing 3D Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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RC Racing 3D hack cheat code List

premium car - use hack StYBqzAFt
daily pack - enter pass bD8vz5LTa
credits - Xpg0BRgHz
off ad - gZ8ReWbtb
booster pack - VxheNWkFo
nitro - VfZ2YORc8
Month Card x1 - 2bwnvo3Y8
upgrade - ZOGhK5aW4
daily gift bag x10 - dVMNleAF9
secret combination code - cJwV1lKyO
points - k1fP6Xxkd
rank up - tiy4WoiSw
unlock machines - a3tTF8jas
weekly box - 6B3klKbPE
skins - l8KCWbisV
vip status - jBbdZhmSQ
multiplayer mode - bE93YINEU

RC Racing 3D use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Tap and hold the accelerator to move forward and handle to move left or right. Tap the drift button to drift. Drift a technique to make the tires skid while driving. Tap and hold to back up. Slipstream - if you keep running behind the enemy RC, you will gradually accelerate. You can use this to close the distance between you and the enemy. Depending on the results of each race, you will receive the following reward points. The machines you race are divided into categories. The rankings record the time of the play mode.

RC Racing 3D Hack Basics

Grand Prix - in this mode, you run 4 races and compete for the total grand prix points. You will receive reward points depending on your final ranking. You can choose the course at random or you can choose your own course. GP mode does not save the record. The graphic settings are set to HIGH. Please change it from the options according to the operating conditions of your device.

Hint & Tips

1. There's no performance difference between machines.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: premium car, credits, off ad, nitro, points, rank up, unlock machines, skins, vip status, multiplayer mode
3. In the event race, run a dedicated course during the duration of the event and compete for the final record position! Let's get to the top!

RC Racing 3D Hack tools Version:


RC Racing 3D Redeem code - premium gift box

1. wMPZX7BnvLaRb6G
2. oLN0Bep8gfcq9XT
3. KloxVuHOeXY2MWn
4. bgMdrGiNLJg92TM
5. o5x07GQId9JJGK7
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