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keys - use qACWN5DAK
off ads - efIAbC6ci
secret combination - EMTHys6uP
locations - etZxxMZwB
double rewards - vEdhaRREx
weapons - 81GSk5Lq3
gear - cv4NlUCKb
pin password - g2dvKheYg
Red Colony 2 starter package - wU5RPyWLS
admin panel - OjkcmYv5x
specials rewards - 7Xg4X6luw
runic - enter 0GzZ2OFy3
skins - qVYrprPFl
wristgear - use eNwWMZLYl
research - pass 6JnJhRhcJ
unlock territory - use sAsQyTzS9
xxx mode - enter UFLnTwtDQ
promotion - KdEc8N4LN
materials - use gdyVUuOhe
items - pass JgquALXHh

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Red Colony 2 Game story

A few weeks ago I received a call from someone in the government of the Blue Colony. I was told to infiltrate the Red Colony to retrieve a special artifact and release a deadly virus...If I refused, they would kill my daughter. After infiltrating a secret lab run by Dr. J, I stole the artifact and a sample of the R-Virus... Before leaving the lab, I released the virus and smashed as much as I could in order to create as much chaos as possible. Once the virus started to spread, I ran back to uor hideout. In case anyone survived the zombie apocalypse, I planted my lab coat belonging to a local scientist, Maria, on a bench to make sure she would be blamed for the catactrophe. Right before escaping back to the Blue Colony, I killed my not-so-trust-worthy companion, Clark.

Red Colony 2 Hack Basics trucos

As I returned safely to the Blue Colony, ready to save my daughter, I was beaten over the back of the head by an unknown woman, and everything went black... After I woke up, everything had changed. Oh, yeah! A baseball bat, I can use this to smack any potential threats to bits and pieces. But I have to be careful, if I use it too much it will break. Keep an eye on its HP in the start menu. I need to upgrade my WristGear software to Level 1 in order to open this door.

enter Red Colony 2 gift pass:
upgrade trucos - wJPw58Vkt
level up code - 3rkTXT9JJ
daily pack cheat - enter pass AlHMN0jH2
admin account - uAKuT49eO
Month Card x1 - AMbUQqBQ2
booster pack - BR5SValeM
evolve - 6wvHMLw42
enhance - 8Erdr4Z9L
An old 3D printer! I remember these from my childhood. The Blue Colony sold these for pennies to the Red Colony back in the day. A Save Card... There is a 3D Printer Kiosk in the Red District where I can use this card to save my progress. I need a key to open this door. My WristGear is now unlocked. LVL Cards will grant access to new areas throughout the Blue Colony. I can now leave this creepy building.

Red Colony 2 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Perfect, a Map Station! I can download its data to my WristGear and check the map at any point. Its handy if I get lost or need some vague information on where to go next. The door on the left takes me to the prison, the door to the right go to the Research Centre F1 and B3. My WristGear has to match the level written on the doors in order to use them.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Red Colony 2 cheat code - give: keys, locations, weapons, gear, pin password, runic, skins, wristgear, research, unlock territory, xxx mode, promotion, materials, items
3. How convenient...The Zombie is standing right underneath a light. If I equip my gun with a silencer, I can shoot the light bulb and crawl past the Zombie without it noticing me. I need to upgrade my WristGear software to Level 2 in order to open this door. A special Valve is needed to open the gate.
4. Keep an eye out for the Silencer's HP. Once it drained, the Silencer will break. You can always take it off and save it for tight situations where a Silencer is needed. Blueprints for weapons: in order to print out weapons, we need blueprints and other materials. I need to scan your WristGear if you have forgotten your PIN number. Hand it over.
5. I need to update my WristGear software to Level 3 in order to open door.

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