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Red Moon Rising hack cheat code List

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points - 19VCmtV6O
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upgrade - 6kZGV3Axe
level up - KTUzfxGH0
shards - R4jr04fZr

Red Moon Rising use cheats
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Game story

Thank you for answering the Call of the three kingdoms and coming to Norheim to fight this glorious battle of survival and resurge. Here you will face attacks by the Gnomes, and you will have to search high and low for the most efficient ways to defeat them. You will also be tasked with the glorious mission of reviving the kingdom's previous prosperous days. But most importantly, you and your companions will have to work together to protect the world Heart, keeping it stable. Are you ready for this strange new world and its endless challenges? Now, let's choose the kingdom you wish to become the brilliant Lord of!

Red Moon Rising Hack Basics

Commander, the Base's situation is very dangerous. We must return at top speed. The plan to fight the imperial army has to be postponed. We need to replenish the troop losses. Please give the order to construct the Encampment. We need to recruit armored troops to greatly increase our battle abilities. The base's development can't be without steel. We need to construct a steel factory to maintain a constant output of resources. I have prepared a mission list, and what we need to do next is at the top. Hospital can take in the wounded from battle to reduce troop losses. Move and connect hospital with the command center to activate its bonus effects. The enemy has set two defense troops on the road leading to the command and one armor task force in the forest not far away. We have to prioritize getting rid of the two defense troops that are relatively weaker to avoid falling into a dangerous situation. Tap the avatar to select troops. If you tap again, the troops will change back to the unselected status.

Hint & Tips

1. The goal of battle is to recapture the occupied defense center and radar station. Join and win in battle to unlock new land and get the following rewards: speed up, gear box.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: shield, speed up, resources, gems, gold, vip, premium troops, legendary generals, points, shards, stamina
3. Different units have different passive skills. Take advantage of them to maximize your power.
4. Low quality materials can be fused into high quality materials.
5. The peace shield protects your base from being attacked.
6. When an alliance member goes to war, your troops cna join as reinforcements.

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Red Moon Rising Redeem code - premium gift box

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